Trust Heating and Air Serves Grayson City, GA

Grayson City encourages its residents to “Live, Work, and Play in Grayson.” So near the big city and keeping that home-town feeling, it is a great city for families of all ages. Bustling with business and activities, Grayson is proud of its history and its residents. And in this great city, Trust Heating and Air is your resource for all things HVAC.

You know how crucial both heating and AC are to your comfortability in all seasons when you live in Georgia. And if your AC is not working up to par, you’ll need to call Trust Heating and Air to get on the schedule and quick.

Grayson City Counts on Trust  to be There

The friendly technicians at Trust Heating and Air have the experience and training to repair whatever problem your HVAC may have in Grayson City. With excellent service 24/7 and flexible scheduling, our team can meet the demands of your busy schedule and get your HVAC unit up and running again. 

Trust Heating and Air will ensure your home is cool or warm, whatever the season. Furthermore, the Trust team offers maintenance plans to suit your particular needs.

Enroll in an HVAC Maintenance Plan

At Trust Heating and Air, we highly recommend setting up a maintenance plan to ensure your heating and air works well all year long. The program we customize to your system keeps all parts clean and running smoothly. In fact, the service provided at these calls will all but eliminates those emergency calls. Most of the time, we catch any potential issues before they even show up.

Maintenance plan service calls usually consist of two appointments per year. Spring and Fall are optimal times to get the system looked at. It is the time when your system has to make those temperature changes to accommodate differing weather. At the appointment, our Technicians look at all parts of your system. First, the technician will clean the parts and ducts out for maximum efficiency. Then they will replace any parts needing replacement.

 A maintenance plan is the best for addressing the changing temperatures of Grayson City, GA.

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Possible HVAC Issues in Grayson City

Trust Heating and Air will go above and beyond to address the heating and cooling issues you face with your HVAC system. The company prides itself on hiring dedicated technicians who deliver the highest standard of work possible. And the residents of Grayson City trust us with their air quality.

Call Trust Heating and Air right away if you experience any of the below issues:

A Thermostat Malfunction

There are those times when something is wrong with the AC or heat, and you just cannot put your finger on where the issue is. Often, this is a thermostat malfunction. But how would a homeowner know that? That is why the Grayson City residents call on the reliable service of Trust Heating and Air.

Our technicians are continually staying up to date with changes in thermostat technology and HVAC innovations. So, if the system has a problem, it will need to be checked right away, before it gets any worse.

Abnormally High Humidity

It is normal to have high humidity in the Southern and coastal states, like Georgia. However, the moisture should not be inside your home. When humidity lingers in the house, it can cause a whole host of other issues. High humidity can lead to expensive HVAC repairs, as well as the need for remediation of mold and mildew begins to take hold.

Therefore, if you notice a humidity change inside your house, call your Trust technician right away.

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A Higher Than Usual Energy Bill

Your average utility bill should be predictable for the most part if your habits are the same and you have been in the home for a while. High energy usage indicated on your monthly statement can be a sign of issues with the HVAC system. The following matters may solve the mystery of the high bill.

  • You may need to change the filters. 
  • Or you might want to service the entire system. 
  • There could potentially be leaks in the ductwork.
  • Low refrigerant levels could also signal an energy spike.

A technician with experience can quickly spot those issues and make a recommendation for a repair. We know a high energy bill is no good for your system and is even worse for your wallet. If you see a sudden spike in your account, call the pros at Trust Heating and Air.

Grayson City’s Premier HVAC Service Team

Serving the community in and around Grayson City with a friendly smile and a professional attitude built your confidence in Trust over the years. We are thankful for that trust and the ability to serve our community.

So, if your HVAC system is showing any of the signs listed above, call us right away. Additionally, if you are ready to set up your maintenance plan, contact us to make an appointment and get on the regular service schedule.

Trust Heating and Air is the best HVAC company, and we are ready to serve the good people of Grayson City, Georgia.