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Are you suffering in the intense Georgia summer heat? Does your thermostat produce inconsistent readings? Don't sweat the small stuff – call Trust Heating & Air at 678-498-6276. Our team of trusted, experienced, and highly professional air conditioning installation specialists can help you install a brand new AC system in your home or business.

Trust Heating & Air offers a FREE ESTIMATE for a new system. Take advantage of expert advice and years of experience from your local AC experts.

AC Maintenance Programs

The most effective way to avoid facing an emergency air conditioning repair in Gwinnett, Loganville and Walton Counties in Georgia is to stay on top of your unit’s wellbeing by scheduling regular maintenance. Preventative maintenance by Trust Heating & Air will result in fewer repairs, lower energy bills, a longer system lifespan, and more! Check out our annual maintenance contract to save time and money.

Call Trust Heating & Air today at 678-498-6276 to discuss our preventative maintenance programs.

5 Signs You Need AC Replacement

Are you not sure if you need to replace your air conditioning system? Here are some signs that indicate you need to replace your unit.

  1. Age - Is your air conditioner more than ten years old? If yes, then it is likely that you will need to get a new one sooner than later. It is possible that a unit can last 15 years, but that is not the typical situation.
  2. Constant repairs - If your AC needs constant repairs, you should give your local AC replacement specialists a call. It'll get to a point where AC replacement is cheaper than calling in a repairman repeatedly.
  3. Increasing utility bills - While an older AC might still keep your home cool, it could be using more electricity to maintain the same temperature and, in turn, raise your utility bills.
  4. Not cooling - Since there are quite a few reasons this could be happening, give your local AC replacement specialists a call. It could just be that your unit needs repairs, but it could need to be replaced as well.
  5. Your AC is making too much noise - If your AC has been making a lot of interesting sounds for a long time, the loose part may have damaged your unit. Your system is talking to you.