Seven Major Benefits to Start 2020 Investing in an HVAC Maintenance Contract

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With average winter temperatures in Loganville, Walton & Gwinnett counties being a high of 53 and low of 34, you do not want your heater to quit unexpectedly. We all rely on our home’s HVAC system throughout the year, and regular maintenance is essential to keep it running smoothly and guarantee comfort.

Bringing in 2020, it makes sense to invest in an HVAC Maintenance Contract so that you have a fully operational heating and cooling system the entire year.

Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Contract

Here are seven benefits to a maintenance contract:

  1. Save Money

Think about the money you will save on both annual upkeep and unexpected necessary repairs. Regular AC maintenance can save you money in a variety of ways. By servicing your system on a routine basis, an HVAC technician may be able to catch any issues before they cause significant problems or breakdowns. Additionally, a properly-functioning HVAC system will use less energy – thus keeping your electric bills low – have a longer lifespan than one that does not receive HVAC maintenance.

  1. Priority Service

With a maintenance agreement, you will become a priority customer with priority service. You get to go to the front of the line for repairs.

  1. Extend Life of System

Extend the life of your HVAC system. Your HVAC is a mechanical system that requires regular maintenance to reach its true useful and potential life span. These systems are a significant investment, so you will want to maintain your current system to the best of your ability.

  1. Fewer Breakdowns and Repairs

Experience fewer breakdowns. During routine maintenance visits, your HVAC technician can spot and correct small issues that may cause a breakdown.

  1. Discount on Repairs

Receive a 15% discount on any repairs performed during a maintenance visit or regular service call.

  1. Increased Safety

Our team of technicians will perform HVAC maintenance to protect your family from damage caused by broken AC system parts and carbon monoxide leaks.

  1. Improved Air Quality

By having a Heating and Air Conditioning Company perform routine AC maintenance, it will help to improve the air quality in your home or office. By making sure your system is clean and free from leaks or poor ventilation, our technicians can reduce airborne pollutants and allergens.

It is critical to keep your Residential and Commercial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning units (HVAC) in top shape, and have regular service by qualified, fully licensed and insured technicians. Preventative maintenance is the key to a healthy HVAC system and a comfortable, happy indoor environment.

Select the right company
If you are investing in a service contract, take the time to research and interview companies to select the right company for you. Also, you want to find a local, licensed, trained, and insured company with an A+ BBB Rating to give you the best service.

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