The Top HVAC Team in Decatur, Georgia

Decatur, you know how crucial both heating and AC are to your comfortability in all seasons. And if your AC is not working up to par, you’ll need to call Trust Heating and Air to get on the schedule and quickly.

Living in Decatur, Georgia, there is a sense of pride in the air. Decatur folks are proud of their community and the surrounding areas. In fact, the Decatur city page says it like this:

“You’ll find a traditional small-town atmosphere and the sophistication and excitement of a college town along with all the benefits of living in a major metropolitan area. Take a stroll through Decatur and see how friendly neighbors, tree-lined streets, great schools, parks and playing fields, libraries, colleges, and businesses all make our town a wonderful place to spend some time.”

Sounds nice, right? Well, we think so, and Trust Heating and Air wants to help the fine folks of Decatur keep their homes a pleasant place to visit.

Decatur Trusts Trust to be There

Decatur knows the friendly technicians at Trust Heating and Air have the experience and training to repair whatever problem your HVAC may have. With excellent service 24/7 and flexible scheduling, our team can meet the demands of your busy schedule and get your HVAC unit up and running again in no time. 

Trust Heating and Air will ensure your home is just the right temperature, whatever the season. Furthermore, the Trust team offers maintenance plans to suit your particular needs.

Our HVAC Maintenance Plan

At Trust Heating and Air, we highly recommend a maintenance plan to ensure your heating and air works well all year long. The service we customize to your system keeps all parts clean and running smoothly. In fact, the service provided may all but eliminates emergency calls. Most of the time, we catch potential issues before they even show up on your radar.

Maintenance plan service calls usually consist of two appointments per year. Both Spring and Fall are optimal times to get the system looked at because they are the times when your system has to accommodate differing weather. At the appointment, our technicians will inspect all parts of your system. First, the technician will clean the parts and ducts out for maximum efficiency. Then they will replace any parts needing replacement.

A maintenance plan is the best for addressing the fluctuating temperatures of Decatur, GA.

Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Trust Heating and Air is here for the residents of Decatur. Our experienced techs will service, install, replace, or repair your current HVAC system. Whatever it needs, we have you covered. Here are a few of the HVAC services we offer.

  1. Trust offers AC and Heating Repair fast. We provide repair hours 24/7, no matter how big or small the repair.
  2. HVAC Maintenance is a large part of the Trust plan. Preventative maintenance plans maximize efficiency and system performance, prolong your A/C system’s life, and maintains the current manufacturer’s warranty, helping to prevent any breakdowns and costly repairs.
  3. Dust Inspection, Repair, and Installation ensure ductwork is sealed correctly, so it doesn’t make your HVAC system work harder than it needs to. Our team will inspect the ductwork, repair any leaks, and replace it if need be.
  4. System Analysis may be needed if you experience high utility bills, a continually running system, hot or cold spots in the home, or drafts.
  5. System Repair and Replacement may be necessary if your system has pushed its final air. Never fear; Trust is here for Decatur.

Decatur’s Trust Heating and Air Service

Serving the community in and around Decatur with a friendly smile and a professional attitude has built confidence in Trust over the years. We are thankful for that trust and the ability to serve our community.

The qualified technicians at Decatur’s Trust Heating and Air are ready and waiting to assist with your HVAC service and repairs. Additionally, if you need an estimate for one of our services, we will be happy to come to your home or place of business to give your system a thorough inspection.

Contact Trust Heating and AC to schedule an appointment today.