Why Does My Heater Smell Bad?


It is relatively common that the first time you turn on the heater for the season, it will have a particular smell. Typically, that goes away in a few minutes. But if the foul odor lingers and returns each time the heater comes on, you may have more issues than just lack of seasonal use.

Diligent homeowners notice these signs and take action. That is why the experts at TRUST Heating & Air have put together this list of common odors that may cause alarm.

No matter the scent coming from your HVAC system, the unit should be serviced in the fall and spring to combat potential issues. Give us a call at TRUST to get on the regular rotation for service.

Heater Smells That are Cause for Concern

Don’t get caught out in the cold or inside in the cold, either. If you notice any of these foul odors coming from your heater, shut it down and give TRUST Heating & Air right away for repair in Georgia.

A Burning Smell

When you notice a burning smell coming from the heater, you must identify what type of burning you may have. There are three common burning smells your heater can emit.

  1. Dust- When you turn on the heater for the first time of the season, there can be dust in the system. Whether you have an electric heater, a furnace, or a heat pump, dust can accumulate. Usually, it will burn off and be gone. This is the one that is not a cause for concern unless the smell does not dissipate and continues each time you turn on the unit.
  2. Plastic or Rubber- If you smell burning rubber or plastic, try to locate the vent the smell is coming from. If a piece of substance has been taken into the ducts, it could burn there in the ductwork. Vent obstructions like window coverings and furniture could also smell this way. If the scent is coming from the unit itself, there could be a more significant issue. Either way, do some sniffing around and call your HVAC technicians.
  3. Electrical- And electrical issues can be a problem, although they are rare. In that case, do not hesitate to contact your HVAC specialist to avoid further damage.

That Musty Odor

When you have a musty odor, there is the potential you have mildew or mold. Protect the quality of your indoor air and call a professional to investigate the issue. Then they can perform an inspection, find the source of the mold or mildew, and make the necessary adjustments. In addition, it is a good idea to have the entire system cleaned thoroughly.

Rotten Egg Smell

Sulfur or rotten egg smells are nothing to play with if you have a gas heater. As you know, gas is highly flammable, so shut off the system and vacate the property. Then call for your HVAC tech and the gas company to detect the leak and make the repair as soon as possible.

Something is Fishy

Dead animal or overheated component? Both smells are awful. So, if the scent is decidedly fishy, call for repair or vermin extraction. Either way, breathe fresh air with maintenance and a good HVAC clean-out.

No matter the foul odor, homeowners should take heater smells serious and call for expert advice. You can trust TRUST Heating & Air to diagnose and repair the heater often on the same day.


Trust Your Heater is Working When Georgia Weather Turns Cold

Georgia homeowners should ensure that their heater receives the required maintenance and service twice a year. Our technicians at TRUST Heating & Air ensure your heater will work year after year. You can count on our team to thoroughly inspect your HVAC system, repair and replace any parts needing attention. Our technicians will examine all filters, cables, vents, and connections each time we come out.

Preventative Heater Maintenance

When you schedule regular maintenance for your heater, it benefits your HVAC system in three ways.

  1. Maintenance extends the life of the system.
  2. Servicing the system ensures energy efficiency.
  3. It reduces the cost of running the system and costly repairs.

HVAC Lifespan

The average lifespan of an HVAC system is around 15 years, depending on how the unit was cared for. You see, your HVAC system is just like any other motor. For instance, you wouldn’t run a car for years without any oil changes or maintenance. When you schedule regular maintenance, the technician will ensure the system runs without any strain on the system.

Energy Efficiency

When you forget to change the heater or AC unit filters, the system must work harder to pull air through a dirty filter. Less pull on the system means less energy used. What’s more, the dirty filter can build up in the vents that will eventually come out into your home and on your ceiling. Make sure your system is running efficiently with regular maintenance.

Cost Reduction

The fact is that a maintained heater costs less to use. It will lower your energy bill because the HVAC is working correctly. Additionally, your technician will be available to catch any issues beginning in your system before they become costly repairs. Prolong the life of your current system by detecting problems before they become breakdowns.


What To Expect with Heater Repair

Heating systems will usually send out a signal that they are having a problem. Should you notice any of the above, turn off the heater and call TRUST Heating & Air for a repair. All types of heaters are machines that can experience loose connections, overused parts, clogs, and other issues. Having regular service calls will help to eliminate the frequency of the problems.

When your heater is not functioning at its best, you can count on TRUST Heating & Air to come to the rescue. Then when the technicians arrive at your home, trust they will have ample training on the latest techniques and systems. And they come with a fully stocked truck to complete your repair promptly.

Furthermore, if the unit is old and has run its last cycle, we can give you options to replace the unit. Our team will be sure you get the right size system for your home and usage.

So, if you want to be sure your HVAC system is up and running when you need it to be this summer and winter, contact TRUST Heating & Air. We will service the unit in the spring and fall to ensure the following seasons are taken care of ahead of time.

Get on the schedule today to begin your heater maintenance and keep warm this winter.

TRUST Heating & Air Heater Installation

TRUST Heating & Air’s certified technicians are Georgia’s skilled experts with industry-leading expertise and professionalism. For the best in Central AC & Heat installation, contact the staff at TRUST Heating & Air to schedule your consultation. What’s more, when you have TRUST install your central HVAC system, enroll in regular maintenance for your heater. Our technicians at TRUST Heating & Air will do their part to ensure your heater will work year after year. You can count on our team to thoroughly inspect your central HVAC system, repair and replace any parts needing attention. We want to be your number one Central Heat and Air Repair and Installation Professionals.

Contact our team to get on a regular maintenance plan for your HVAC System.