What is the Difference: Air Handler vs. Condenser?

Air Handler vs. Condenser

Air Handler vs. Condenser: What Do They Do Anyhow?

When your HVAC technician talks, they speak of handlers, condensers, compressors, and more. It can be confusing if you are not well versed in HVAC lingo. But in this article, we are prepared to inform our clients of the difference: air handler vs. condenser.

The air handler and the condenser are the two main components of the HVAC’s split system. In other words, the split system is the heating and the air conditioning system, or the HVAC. So, let’s figure out what each of these components does to make you comfortable in your home.

What is an Air Handler?

Your air handler is the tall portion of the duo that is somewhere in the attic or a closet in your house. The air handling unit pulls in air, passes it through the filter, and over the cooling coils. Then the air blows unto the ducts and cools the rooms of your house.

Typically, you will find the handler has a large metal pan underneath and a condensation pipe that drains to the outside.

There are three main components to the air handler.

  • Air filter: This part sits in the handler and removes contaminants to protect the system.
  • Blower: After the air is conditioned, the blower fan pushes the air out of the system, into the ducts, and all over your house.
  • Evaporator Coils: These coils contain the refrigerant that cools your air. Heat is absorbed and starts the cooling process.

What is a Condenser?

That leaves the condenser, which is the unit located outside the house. It takes the warm air from the return inside the home and blows it outside. There is a compressor at the bottom of the unit and a fan on the top that is surrounded by the coils.

Air Handler vs. Condenser: The Verdict

The air handler and the condenser are a team that works together to maintain the temperature in your house. And yes, they work best together. And the advances in technology have made these two depend on one another. In fact, if you must replace one, it is beneficial to replace the other. Then they will be performing at the same levels of efficiency.

And then, there is the ductwork to consider.

Air Handler vs. Condenser

Your Ductwork is Essential, too

Did you know your home’s ductwork plays an essential role in your HVAC system’s energy efficiency, performance, and durability? The duct system carries the air that keeps you cool through summers and gives you warmth during the cold Georgia winter months.

The ductwork in your home or business moves large volumes of air between your condenser, air handler, and the vents in each room. Therefore, if something happens and it needs to be repaired or replaced, it must be done quickly. If not, your heating and cooling systems won’t be nearly as efficient as they should be.

Ducts are sheet metal that is shaped to fit around corners and squeeze through narrow channels as they wind their way through your home. Over time, it’s common for ductwork to develop leaks from cracks, gaps, and loose connections. Even small leaks can have a significant impact on HVAC efficiency, wasting up to 30 percent of the air being pumped through the system.

Trust Heating and Air offers professional duct services for the highest comfort level and efficiency all year round.

New Technology and High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

Whether you are talking about the air handler or the condenser or the two together, a high-efficiency air conditioner has significantly lower operating costs than its conventional counterparts. You see, the average air conditioner lasts 15 years or more. When figuring costs, consider the entire system and all its parts. Furthermore, be sure to include the lifespan of the whole system to calculate the actual value of the purchase and your ROI.

A newer high-efficiency air conditioner is a good investment for the following reasons:

  • Lower Utility Bills: Since these systems cost less to run, they’ll give you lower utility bills throughout the lifetime of your system.
  • Longer Operating Life: Conventional air conditioners have an average lifespan of 15 years, but high-efficiency models have been shown to last beyond that. The longer the system survives, the more value it provides.
  • Fewer Repairs Necessary: These models come with more advanced technology. That means they can run with less stress and wear and tear on the system compared to conventional models and fewer repairs.
  • Better Comfort Levels in Your Home: These air conditioners are better at their job. You’ll be more comfortable in your home and happier with the system’s performance if you choose the high-efficiency models.

All this and it lessens your impact on the planet. That is a win-win.

Air Handler vs. Condenser, No Matter. Trust Heating and Air Installs the Latest Technology

With all the technology available today and the increasing technology of tomorrow, homeowners must consider every aspect, air handler vs. condenser, ductwork, and more, to determine its value.

At Trust Heating and Air, we do our best to be on top of the technological changes and improvements to the HVAC industry. Our job is to make sure the latest and greatest is available to save you money, keep you comfortable, and improve your air quality.

And as always, be sure to keep your system well maintained to help all the technologies and moving parts of your HVAC working as they should.

Air Handler vs. Condenser

Consider Our Preventative Maintenance Program

You never know what to expect in Georgia when you walk out the door. One day it is as hot as the desert, and the next, you are grabbing a sweater on your way out the door. So, imagine the toll the ever-changing weather patterns have on our air handler, condenser, and the entirety of the HVAC system.

Thank goodness your HVAC is working all day and all night to regulate whatever weather you encounter and how you want to feel that particular day. Then when it does not do so well, you can quickly call for help.

However, you should know that even the best units need maintenance when they work as hard as they do. Your vehicle wouldn’t get you from point A to B without some care, now would it?

Oil changes and tire rotation are an integral part of automobile ownership. And that is precisely how it is with your HVAC as well.

With the program Trust Heating and Air has developed, you will receive the following exemplary services when we come out in the Spring and Fall to maintain all of the components of your system.

  1. The technician will identify broken or worn parts that need repair or replacement before sustaining any additional damage.
  2. They will optimize the performance of your unit through various cleaning and adjustment methods.
  3. The tech will ensure your system is as energy efficient as possible with tight seals and positive airflow.
  4. The indoor air quality will vastly improve with clean filters, coils, and ductwork.
  5. Ductwork will be examined regularly to prevent air from escaping, which can be a significant expense if damaged.
  6. Extend the life of your unit with proper care.

When you care for any part of your home, it will take better care of you and your family.

Enroll in Our Preventative Maintenance Program

Indeed, there are several benefits to being on a plan for maintenance with Trust Heating and Air. With all the confusion of air handler vs. conditioner, ductwork, and the other parts of the system, there are even more benefits we have not mentioned yet.

  • Contract customers receive 15% off on all repairs and service calls.
  • You become a priority customer, moving to the front of the service line.
  • Your home’s cost for electricity will be reduced with an HVAC system that is well-cared for.
  • We offer a 24-hour answering service to our contract clients with excellent response times.
  • You will get automatic Spring and Fall HVAC system maintenance.
  • Our technicians will change the filters when they visit.
  • Emergency services are rushed for our contract priority customers.

That settles it. Georgia homeowners cannot go wrong with a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance contract with the friendly and knowledgeable technicians at Trust Heating and Air.

Contact our friendly staff to talk about the services we provide in greater detail and to schedule an appointment for an estimate.

Keep your air handler, condenser, and entire AC and heat system running in tip-top shape with Trust Heating and Air.

And, if you feel new technology could improve your HVAC system, give us a call today for a free consultation.