Tips to Keep Summertime Parties Cool

summertime parties

There is just something about the summer months that draws people out of their homes and into the great outdoors. And when we go out, often we like to gather and have summer parties. After all, summertime is made for pool parties and entertaining family and friends. That is why TRUST Heating & Air has put together these tips to keep summertime parties cool.

Entertaining in the hot months can be just too warm for your guests to be comfortable. So then, if you move the party indoors, how do you keep people comfortable when there are just too many bodies gathered indoors?

Trust Heating & Air suggests the following tips to bring the temperature inside the home down and keep you cooler when partying outdoors.

Summertime Parties Outside

Even in Georgia, there are several ways you can help your party-goers keep cool at your summertime party. And your guests will thank you for the efforts as well. Here are a few suggestions from TRUST Heating & Air.

Schedule Your Party at Night

One easy way to keep your friends and family cooler without investing money in your outdoor living areas is to simply schedule your gatherings later in the day. With well-designed lighting and fans placed in strategic locations, you and your guests can fully enjoy your entertaining areas after the sun goes down. This allows you to host outdoor parties without worrying about the sun or heat putting a damper on your gathering.

So, we suggest you start your party around 5:00 pm so that the temperature has had time to drop a bit. Besides, then families with children will enjoy hours of fun before it is time to go.

Provide Shady Areas for Gathering

Chances are you planned this component when you designed your outdoor area, either with shade trees or a roof over your patio or outdoor dining area. Additionally, look into installing umbrellas for more shade if you need it. Another option is to put up a permanent canopy or to raise portable shelters as needed.

Hydrate with Cool Beverages

In addition to your regular adult beverages, which can cause dehydration, stock up with bottled water in a cooler as an alternative. You can also make it more appealing by filling a large drink dispenser with water and adding sliced lemons, limes, oranges, or cucumber. Encourage your guests to drink water by making it readily available. That will keep your guests hydrated and cool.

Use Fans, Lots of Fans

One of your best bets, indoors or outside, is a ceiling fan. They are quiet and move air around, so we feel cooler as perspiration evaporates on our skin. You can also use portable fans, which can be moved around as you need them, then stored away. Fans also help cut your utility expenses. Also, providing decorative hand fans can be a fun element to add to the party décor.

A Cooler of Towels

A favorite of summertime party goers is the cooler filled with ice and washcloths or hand towels. You can visit your local one-dollar store and pick up a large number of washcloths. Then wet the towels in the sink and roll them all up. Then, place them in the cooler filled with ice. An icy towel feels excellent on the back of your neck or face when getting overheated. Also, you can add a few drops of mint or eucalyptus oil to the water for a refreshing surprise.

Invest in a Mister System

If you really want to cool down your party guests, you can install a misting system to cool off guests or use portable misting fans. That will do the job in a hurry. Or, if you are not sure about investing the money in that, fill an ice bucket with colored spray bottles of water for self-misting.

Move Fire Features Away from Main Entertaining Area

People love fire pits and patio fireplaces. They are a central gathering place and a welcoming environment at parties. But when the weather heats up, it might be best to forgo the fire features unless you place citronella candles. These are a must for most Georgia residents.

Hold off on lighting any fire feature until after dark and when the temperature has dropped significantly. Then be sure to move the seating options away from the fire feature to allow guests to avoid the heat but still enjoy the light and ambiance without feeling the heat.

Keep Guests Out of the Outdoor Kitchen

If you have a portable barbecue grill, an excellent idea is to move it away from your primary outdoor living areas. This effort allows your guests to relax away from the ambient heat of the grill (and the chef.)

Suppose you have a built-in outdoor kitchen. Then you can create inviting seating areas away from the heat of the grill.

Summertime Parties Inside

When entertaining a large group indoors, nudge the thermostat down to 62-66 degrees to ensure comfort. That might seem chilly, but with many people and the oven in use, you’ll need to keep temperatures cooler. However, never drop the temperature really low and open all the doors to the home. That could end up freezing your AC unit up. Then yo9u will need to call out your local HVAC specialist for a rapid repair.

Here are a few more ideas for your indoor summertime parties.

Check on Weather Stripping

Well before a party approaches, it is wise to have a door and window inspection by your HVAC technician. Or, if you feel handy, you can check for leaks in your windows and gaps in the door seals. Replacing the weather stripping is an easy way to keep AC inside and the warm temperature of the summer out. And it will lower your AC bill all year long. So that makes it an even better idea.

Pull the Shades and Drapes

On the day of your summertime party, it is a good idea to help your home stay as cool as it can by pulling all the shades and drapes closed. Then as the final hour approaches, you can open them to allow the sunlight in. Just be sure people are keeping doors shut and windows too.

Assign a Greeter

You may have attended a party where there was a person stationed at the front door letting folks in. And you may have thought it was a nice gesture. But there is a more significant reason for the greeter at the front door. You see, whether they mean to or not, people tend to hold the door open as they let folks in and let all the cool air out. So having a person in charge of the door welcomes guests and keeps the door closed between arrivals. Great idea, right?

Limit the Use of Candles

As beautiful as they are, limit the number of candles used for ambiance or use battery-operated candles to reduce heat. It sounds silly, but candles are fire, right? Too many placed around the home is one more way to heat up the house and increase the risk for a fire.

And Finally…

Whether you hold your party inside, outside, or a mixture of the two, advise your guests on how to dress. When inviting folks, simply state that they are free to wear appropriate summertime clothes. Those selections should include cotton. Cotton or linen fabrics are breathable and help your body regulate temperature.

Trust Heating & Air Is Here for Your Summertime Parties

Congratulations! You’re having a significant event or a big group of family coming for a party. We are excited for you. Summertime is the best time to have gatherings and celebrate one another.

That said, it would be wise to have your HVAC inspected for optimum productivity of your system. You don’t want to ruin that special function by having your system not operating correctly.

When your HVAC technicians come out to inspect your system, they will ensure it is cleaned out, and the parts are all working as they should.

TRUST Heating & Air is one of the highest-rated AC repair & service companies in the Loganville, Walton & Gwinnett counties. We respond quickly to all your needs.

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