Six Myths About HVAC Services

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Everyone has their own tips and tricks when it comes to keeping their AC unit running longer, their energy bills smaller, and their house cooler during the summer months. The Georgia heat can be relentless during the summer and having a house that stays cool can be a necessity to make it through those months comfortably. Many misconceptions about HVAC services can bring someone false relief and no results. Make sure you know which HVAC myths to avoid:

Myth #1: Turning your AC up all the way will cool down your house faster.

This doesn’t cool down your entire house any faster than running it continuously at a lower temperature. All this does is use A LOT of energy at once and drive up your utility bill. As this may feel as if it cools a room off quickly when using a single-room AC unit, it will cost you. For a central heating and cooling system controlled by a thermostat, this doesn’t work and can cost you a lot of money.

Myth #2: It’s better to leave your AC unit running all the time, rather than turning it on and off when you leave the house.

If turning the unit on and off results in some interesting noises, that could be caused by old equipment or it is a sign that it is time for an expert to take a look. This myth is not true and if it is too hard to remember to adjust the thermostat before leaving the house, there are other options available. Speak to our experts about a programmable thermostat today.

Myth #3: Buy an energy-efficient air conditioner and watch your energy bills drop instantly.

While it is true that an energy-efficient AC unit can help your energy bills go down significantly, it must be the right AC unit and thermostat for your home. Energy-saving habits can help reduce energy costs and one of our experts can help you choose which AC unit is best for your home. 

Myth #4: Closing air vents in rooms you’re not using increases efficiency.

Theoretically, this makes sense to close off cool air to the areas of the house you aren’t using. However, closing the vents can cause an imbalance in air pressure. This can put a strain on the machine and cause it to use more energy. A professionally zoned system can give the same effect without the strain on the machine. Speak to one of our experts about a professionally zoned system or a ductless system to increase efficiency.

Myth #5: Changing the air filter is an annual maintenance task.

While annually scheduled check-ups on your air conditioning unit are important for the longevity and efficiency of the machine, the filter should be changed more often. It is best for the air quality of your home and the unit that air filters are replaced at least every two months. Depending on the amount of dust, pollen, and pet dander, changing the filters even more often might be necessary.

Myth #6: Routine maintenance is not important.

Your HVAC unit is a complex machine and similar to your car, it requires routine check-ups and maintenance. There are many mechanical parts involved and even if it seems as though nothing is wrong, a professional can be reassuring and find any possible issues before they arise. This can make your AC unit run more efficiently and catch any major repairs before they get too expensive.

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