Seven Benefits of Fall HVAC System Maintenance

This year the autumnal equinox is also called the September equinox which is arriving on September 23rd. Fall is right around the corner, so it will be important to get your furnace in shape to handle the cooler weather coming. 

Benefits of Fall Furnace Maintenance:

Here are seven benefits of your Fall HVAC System maintenance:

1. Energy Savings and Reduced Utility Bills

By keeping your unit maintained regularly, you will have a furnace that is operating efficiently and will run smoothly without any possible build-up that will alter the heating system from performing at its peak when you need it the most in the Fall and Winter months. If your system is running at top efficiency, you’ll reduce the energy usage, and lower your monthly bill.

2. Increased Comfort

Making sure that you have the furnace working properly and consistency with enough heat will increase your comfort. Reduced airflow, leaky ductwork, and malfunctioning system components can prevent your heating system from achieving the desired set point on your thermostat.

3. Enhanced Air Quality

With conditioned air moving properly through your ductwork and filters, dirt, pet dander, pollen, dust, bacteria, mildew, and mold will be cleaned, and the air quality will be improved. The air quality will be enhanced and possible help those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

4. Extended Lifespan

When your heating system is in good repair, lubricated and clean, parts can move freely, and airflow is unimpeded. Your equipment will last longer with optimum performance having less stress placed on it.

If appropriately maintained, the average life expectancy of a furnace is between 12 to 20 years. If you do not have your system regularly maintained, it might only last ten years. It pays to have a regular maintenance plan put into place.

5. Saves you from costly repairs

During routine maintenance, most minor issues can easily be detected and rectified before they become major, costly repairs. Scheduling a Fall furnace maintenance can save you from the unexpected and untimely breakdown. Smaller repair issues now can lead to much more significant issues in the future that are more expensive than the cost of the annual maintenance. Experienced HVAC technicians can identify if your furnace needs a repair and can handle it on the spot. Don’t wait for your furnace to break down. Preventative care is safer and cheaper.

6. Improved Safety

An HVAC that is dirty or malfunctioning can produce much higher concentrations of carbon monoxide which is a deadly, odorless gas. By setting up regular maintenance on your system, you will create a much safer system for your home, family, and yourself.

7. Reliability

By signing up for an annual maintenance plan, you build in reliability each Fall to ensure your system will operate at peak performance, providing reliable, efficient heating services, and avoiding a costly, mid-season breakdown.

Save time, energy, money, and frustration by scheduling fall furnace maintenance. Automate your home maintenance by signing for your annual HVAC tune-ups. If you have any problems with your HVAC system or want a maintenance check, call Trust Heating & Air at 678-926-9676?

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