Solving Heating and Air Issues in Druid Hills, GA

Known as Atlanta’s “second-suburb,” the Druid Hills community is an integral part of the greater Atlanta area. This tight-knit community values its residents as well as its business connections. That is why Trust Heating and Air is your community resource for all things HVAC.

Living in Georgia, you know how crucial both heating and AC are to your comfortability in all seasons. If your AC is not working up to par, give Trust Heating and Air a call to get on the schedule.

Druid Hills Can Count on Trust to be There

The friendly technicians at Trust Heating and Air have the experience to repair whatever problem your HVAC may have in Druid Hills. 

They are ready to service your HVAC units 24/7. And, scheduling is flexible to meet the demands of your busy schedule.

Druid Hills has an HVAC company that works to ensure your home is as cold or warm, whatever the season.

Maintenance Plans for Your System

The HVAC team at Trust Heating and Air highly recommends setting up a maintenance plan. The plan they customize to your system keeps all parts running smoothly and all but eliminates those emergency calls.

The service usually consists of two appointments per year. Spring and Fall are the best times to get the system looked at as the seasons, and your unit makes weather transitions. 

Our Technicians will take a look at all parts of your system, clean them out for maximum efficiency, and replace any parts needing replacement.

A maintenance plan is the best idea to combat the changing temperatures of Druid Hills, GA.

Addressing Your HVAC Issues in Druid Hills

Trust Heating and Air is happy to address the heating and cooling issues you face with your HVAC system. The company prides itself on hiring great technicians who deliver the highest standard of work possible to Druid Hills residents.

Call Trust Heating and Air right away if you experience any of the below issues:

Thermostat Malfunction

Occasionally you will get a problem with the thermostat that has nothing to do with the HVAC system. But then again, how do you know? That is another reason the community of Druid Hills trusts the advice of the techs at Trust. 

If indeed the system has a problem, it will need addressing right away before it gets any worse.

Abnormally High Humidity

High humidity is a norm in Georgia, but it should not be an issue inside your home. Moisture lingering in your house can cause a whole host of other issues and end up in some expensive repairs. An AC system should be able to keep up with humidity and manage moisture. 

If you notice a change in interior humidity, call your Trust technician right away.

High Energy Bill

A high energy bill is no good for your system and no good for your wallet. Your average utility bill should be predictable if your habits are the same, and you have been in the home for a while. If you see a sudden spike, call the pros at Trust Heating and Air.

High energy usage can be a sign of issues with the system. You may need to change the filters or maintain the entire system. There could potentially be leaks in the ducts or low refrigerant levels; a technician with experience quickly spots those issues.

Druid Hills HVAC Service Team

We here at Trust Heating and Air are thankful for the years of faith Druid Hills has in our company. Serving the community with a friendly smile and professional attitude has taken Trust far.

So, if your HVAC system is showing any of the signs listed above, call us right away. If you are ready to set up your maintenance plan, contact us to get on the regular service schedule.

Trust Heating and Air is the best HVAC company serving Druid Hills, and we are ready and waiting for your call.