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Established in 1892, the historic small-town feel is still prevalent in Auburn, Georgia today. This close community values its auburn-red clay, its residents, and business connections. Auburn’s southern charm radiates while the community forges into the future. 

Living in Georgia, you know how vital both heating and AC function are in all seasons. If your AC is not working as it should, give Trust Heating and Air a call to fix it today.

Auburn Can Count on Trust for Excellent Service

At Trust Heating and Air, our team of professionals has the experience to repair whatever problem your HVAC may encounter in Auburn. 

They are prepared to service your HVAC units 24/7. What’s even better, scheduling is flexible to meet the needs of your busy schedule. Now that’s service.

Maintenance Plans for Your System

The HVAC team at Trust Heating and Air offers all their customers a maintenance plan. This plan will keep your units ready for each season as it comes along. 

We suggest a minimum of two appointments per year. Spring and Fall are the recommended times to get the system serviced at as the seasons, and your unit makes provision for weather transitions. 

The courteous technicians that make up our teams will look over all the working parts of your HVAC system, service them, and replace any parts needed.

The best strategy to work with the changing seasons is a maintenance plan for your heating and air in Auburn, GA.

HVAC Issues in Auburn

Trust Heating and Air is prepared to care for the heating and cooling issues you face with your HVAC system. They pride themselves on hiring the most experienced technicians who deliver the highest standard of work possible to the Auburn community and surrounding areas.

Call Trust Heating and Air right away if you notice any of the below issues:

Do You Have a Thermostat Malfunction?

So, how does a homeowner know if a thermostat malfunction has only to do with the thermostat itself, or if the entire system is malfunctioning? This is another reason the city of Auburn trusts the technicians at Trust. After all, it’s in the name.

Say it is just the thermostat? That is a simple fix our techs can handle in a matter of minutes. But, if your system has a problem, it will need addressing right away before it gets any worse.

Is There Abnormally High Humidity?

At Trust, we believe Auburn’s people want to keep the humidity where it belongs, outside.

When moisture lingers in your home, it can cause other issues and end up in some costly repairs. Managing moisture and regulating comfortability is what the AC unit is there for. It should always be a reliable source of protection for your home

If you notice a change in humidity on the inside of your home, call your Trust technician right away.

See a Higher Than Normal Energy Bill?

There are two reasons for concern when you see an unusually high electric bill.

  1. It is not beneficial for your system to be running so hard.
  2. Your wallet would agree; it is no good!

Your average utility bill should be a predictable line in your home budget if your habits don’t alter too much. If you notice a sudden spike in usage, call the pros at Trust Heating and Air.

Increased energy usage can be a sign of problems with the system. The filters may need changing, the system may need flushing, or the entire thing may be on its way to giving out. Potential leaks in the ducts or low refrigerant levels are not easy to see; a quality technician with experience quickly spots those issues.

Auburn HVAC Service Team

Trust Heating and Air is proud to serve the community of Auburn with integrity. Helping the residents with a friendly smile and professional attitude has taken Trust far.

So, if your HVAC system is sending out any of the distress signals listed above, call us right away. If you are ready to discuss your custom maintenance plan, contact us to get on the revolving service schedule.

Trust Heating and Air is your trusted HVAC company serving Auburn. 

Ready and willing to serve, contact us today.