Reducing Dust for the Holiday Season

Holiday Season

Cut Down on the Dust This Season

The last thing you want to be doing as you are prepping for the holiday season is dusting and dusting. There is meal prepping, house decorating, tree trimming, gift purchasing, and goodwill to share. The cleaning may just have to wait. That is why folks ask how they can reduce the amount of dust in the home for the holiday season.

Doesn’t it seem there is always more dust during this time of year? Well, when you stir up all those decorations that have sat around for a year and bring in all sorts of plants, trees, and cardboard boxes, allergies can really flare up. So, what is a homeowner to do to reduce dust and allergens in the holiday season?

TRUST Heating and Air has a list of ways they reduce dust in the air in their homes, and they are willing to share it with you here. So, if you are looking to reduce the allergens in your home this season, keep reading for holiday tips and more.

Reduce the Dust All Holiday Season Long with TRUST

Altering your holiday festivities just a bit can really help reduce the amount of dust in your home. After all, we don’t want you to spend the entire season dusting or watching the dust pile up. Try these simple tips to keep allergens out of your home this holiday season and beyond.

Choose a Real Tree – The setup and takedown of a Christmas tree are full of dust and allergens. Keep your home cleaner by purchasing a fresh tree this year and skipping the plastic.

Use Natural Items for Decoration – Ever thought of using pinecones, broken Christmas tree branches, and flowers for your décor? They are much better for the air in your home, and they won’t be caked on with dust from sitting all year.

Dust Décor That Has Been Stored – When you pull the décor you have stored all year from its slumber, it is full of dust and debris. As you place each item, be sure to give it a good dusting.

Holiday Season

Add More Live Plants that are Low in Allergens – Live plants improve indoor air quality through photosynthesis. Try leafy plants like poinsettia, peace lily, and other allergy-reducing plants. For a list of more, try this link to HGTV.

Simmer Herbs – Did you know scented candles release carcinogens into the air when burning? Try simmering some herbs and fruit in a pot on the stove to get that scent throughout the home.

Use a Dehumidifier – Dehumidifiers reduce moisture in the air. And dust mites thrive in the humid air. Show dust mites they are not welcome with a dehumidifier in your home.

Try an Air Purifier – Prevent airborne contaminants from settling in your room by adding an air purifier in front of the window.

Use Electric Heat Rather Than a Fireplace – Yes, a wood-burning fireplace is beautiful, but it can be pretty messy. Electric, gas, and propane fireplaces are all the better for the indoor air quality in your house, and they won’t leave particles around either.

No Shoes in the House – It is simple, really. Dirt and dust accumulate on shoes, so ask guests to remove them. You can even provide a basket of clean comfy socks for visitors to slip on if they would like.

Change Your Bedding – Changing the sheets and laundering the comforters and quilts will help cut down on dust, mites, and lint in the house. And while you are at it, you can vacuum the mattress for an added clean feeling.

Ventilate the Home – With all the dust stirring, flour in the air, and the constant running of the oven, the house could use a good air-out. Open the windows to allow the home to breathe fresh air.

Change AC Filters November, December, and January First – Put it on your calendar. When your AC filters are dusty, that debris piles up and blows all over your home. Also, it causes your AC system to have to work harder, putting strain on the unit. Do yourself and your HVAC a favor and change the filters each month.

Schedule an Air Duct and Vent Cleaning – Schedule your ducts and vents to be cleaned at the start of the fall season. This is one more way to keep your AC and heat running well all season long to reduce dust in the home.

Holiday Season

When Dusting is a Must

There are times when dusting is a must on your cleaning to-do list. And while the above tips will help reduce dust and allergens in the air of your home, they do not get it all. Weekly dusting is still necessary. After all, dust is a nice word for the many contaminants in the air that settle on surfaces. Dust contains animal dander and hair, sloughed-off skin cells, dust mites and feces, fabric fibers, dirt, and more. YUCK!

Other than sweeping and vacuuming, there are different ways to help your dusting be more efficient. So, when you must dust, here are some places you can add to the list this season.

  1. Decluttering the home is one of the most fundamental ways you can reduce dust in the house. The less there is on the counters and floors, the better you can clean.
  2. When you vacuum, use one with a HEPA filter on it to trap more of the tiny particles. And make sure you clean the vacuum outside after you empty its contents.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth to dust furniture and décor. It will trap the dust particles and keep them from spreading throughout the home.
  4. Brush pets outside. The weather is cooler now, so take them out to give them a good weekly brushing.
  5. Remove lint from the dryer and lint filter. Not only will it reduce the lint in your dryer, but in your clothing as well.
  6. Mopping the floors helps pick up those particles your broom may have left behind.
  7. Take rugs and pillows outside for a good beating. Shake and beat those items to loosen dust particles deep within and leave them all outside.
  8. Use the doormat as the first catch from shoe dust. Then have your guests take off their shoes as they enter the home.
  9. Clean the laundry room. It seems the laundry room gets neglected most times. But the dust that accumulates in that one room can be tracked all over the home. So be sure to give your laundry room a good cleaning before the holiday season.

Most importantly, figure out what works for you and your family. Only you know what your people are dragging in with them. Hit the entry areas hard with weekly cleaning, and the dust may not spread so far into the home.

Holiday Season

Finally, Gift Yourself a Preventative Maintenance Plan For Your HVAC System

Preventative maintenance on your Heat and AC will ensure your equipment is working in tip-top shape this holiday season and all year long. And that means savings to you! You see, a well-maintained machine will last its total life expectancy, be energy efficient, and help to reduce the dust in your home all holiday season.

Enlisting the help of a trained HVAC technician like the professionals at Trust Heating and Air is a wise homeowner decision. Here are the careful steps your technician will take to care for your system.

  • Check all air filters and replace them if needed.
  • Test the thermostat to ensure it is cycling on and off.
  • Check refrigerant levels and look for any leaks.
  • Clean the condenser coils.
  • Tighten all electrical connections.
  • Check the gas connections.
  • Lubricate the moving parts.
  • Make recommendations where replacement or repair is needed.

All these steps help the function of your HVAC system and keep dust and allergens from spreading throughout the home.

Your maintenance plan should have your technician coming out two times per year. They will come out in the Spring to prepare for summer. And come in the Fall to prepare for Winter. Anytime between, if you have an issue, you will be considered a regular and will get the rates stated in the agreement and preferred service.

Contact TRUST Heating and Air to help your home be as dust-free as possible this holiday season.