HVAC Tips for Your Pet Home

Pet Homes

How HVACMaintenance is More Important for Your Pet Home.

In Georgia, we love our pets, don’t we? In fact, stores and open-air marketplaces are becoming more and more pet-friendly, offering water bowls and treats, too. And if you are a pet home and are fortunate to have more than one pet, you know there are ways we alter our loves for their comfort. It is all part of the responsibility of pet ownership.

But you may be surprised to learn that your HVAC may need some additional maintenance to deal with your indoor air quality. TRUST Heating & Air wants to help you keep your air clean, ac repair to a minimum, and your family healthy and comfortable.

Pet Ownership Surges with the Global Pandemic and Quarantine.

Did you know pandemic pets are a real thing? They are even trending on social media. It seems, watching the TV, every other commercial has a pet in the frame. Well, there is a reason for that. Marketing has increased for pet products and companies that embrace pet ownership due to the surge in pet adoption and ownership the quarantine produced.

Getting a new pet during the quarantine was, after all, the perfect time to train a pet and get them on a routine since people were stuck at home so much more. It makes much sense. But one of the side-effects of the pandemic folks may not notice the wear and tear that increased on your home appliances, including the HVAC systems.

Your home AC and heat were likely used a lot more during this time of at-home isolation. Probably, your HVAC has filtered more air, CO2, and pet dander and fur than in years past. That is why TRUST Heating & Air is reminding customers to maintain the unit and all its components, so the increase in use does not wear the system down prematurely.

HVAC Tips for Pet Homes

Dander, fur, feathers, hair, dust, and dirt are all factors in pet homes. But having a loving pet is so worth it, just like having a properly running and efficient AC system in your home is. These issues can damage the AC if gone unchecked from time to time.

To ensure the longevity of your HVAC unit, follow the tips listed below to keep your AC running all year long and the air clean and comfortable in your Georgia pet home.

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First, Replace the Air Filters

We may not be able to stop shedding and dander, but we can help our HVAC deal with the influx. Chances are, you know to check your AC filter regularly and replace it routinely. However, it is even more essential to the indoor air quality in a pet home to do so.

As previously stated, pet dander and fur can build up in the filter and all the other things the AC filters like dust and debris. This build-up can clog the filter negatively affect the efficiency and overall operation of your HVAC unit. No one wants that.

So, we suggest you check the packaging of your filters and change as recommended. Some brands require a change every three months, and others need changing monthly, while others can be cleaned and replaced. We recommend checking and regular changing to avoid clogs for a pet home, especially if you have several animals in the house.

Have The Air Ducts Cleaned

Many homeowners never think about the ductwork that carries the clean, cool air from the handler to each room of the house. And no matter how clean you keep your home, sander, humidity, fur, hair, dust, and other allergens get into the ductwork. When gunk builds up in the ducts, air quality goes down, and the amount of air circulated will decrease.

Regular HVAC maintenance and cleaning the ducts are essential for home maintenance because you probably have no idea what’s in your AC ductwork. But the good news is, that is our job, at TRUST. Our technicians will inspect your ductwork, clean and remove unwanted pet dander, hair, and other allergens. Also, cleaned ducts and vents can play a significant impact on deodorizing your home. It is just one more step to keeping pet odors down and your AC working like a dream.

  • Faulty ductwork can produce these additional HVAC issues:
  • Clogged or torn ductwork leads to allergies and pollutants being introduced to indoor air, decreasing the quality.
  • Hot rooms and cold areas in the home are due to uneven air pressure from clogs and holes in the ductwork.
  • Leaks in the ductwork can stress the overall HVAC system, causing it to work harder than it was designed to.
  • All these ductwork issues can reflect higher than regular energy bills and a less than comfortable home.

By cleaning the ducts, you are increasing the HVAC system’s efficiency and effectiveness while improving air quality and keeping your energy usage down.

Grooming The Pets

Regular grooming is an essential part of a pet home to avoid unnecessary clogs and build-up in the air handler and ductwork. Of course, you may already know that.

“Grooming is an important part of caring for your pet and keeping him or her healthy. Both cats and dogs need regular brushing, and animals with longer hair require frequent trips to a professional groomer. Fur that becomes matted can cause serious health issues for your pet. Dirt and oils can accumulate under mats and cause painful skin infections. The mats themselves can be painful as they pull and stretch the skin underneath. Severe matting can even affect your pet’s ability to see, walk and eat normally.” – American Humane.

Those who own pets generally want the best for both the home and the pet. So while shedding is a natural part of having pets, you can take proactive steps to control the issue. Bathing and brushing your pet help pet owners to keep fur and dander to a minimum. Regular brushing, combing, and bathing can reduce effects on your air filter and the amount of cleaning your pet home requires. Also, vacuuming and dusting the house can prevent it from getting into the system.

So, if your AC needs a good clean out after a pet grooming, contact your local HVAC specialists and let them know you are a pet home. Then, get on a schedule for routine maintenance to avoid costly AC repair.

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Puppy Issues to Look For

If you have ever raised a puppy from birth, you know the struggle is real. Chewing and marking can be a real issue when you have a new pet. In young pets, chewing is a way to ease their boredom or separation anxiety. Likewise, urinating on areas to mark territory is something young pets do and outgrow as they mature.

What’s more, if your new pets happen to chew on the wire attached to your HVAC system, it can be very damaging. And, as you can imagine, urinating on the outdoor machine can pose a severe risk to the system. To prevent damage, pet owners can encase electrical lines and create barriers to keep their pets from getting close to the system.

If you notice one of these puppy mistakes has happened, be sure your pet is out of harm’s way and call a professional repair technician. Thankfully, they provide a judgment-free zone for your pup and ensure the area is fixed. Then a good tech can suggest ways for you to keep it from happening again.

TRUST Heating & Air Cares for Your Georgia Pet Home

We mean what we say because we have pet homes too. And our pets are as important as the home we provide for our families. So, keep your air quality clean and your HVAC system running like a charm all year long. When we come out to inspect your AC, you will be left with a longer-lasting, energy-efficient, and clean running system. What’s more, we will advise you on how to ensure your system keeps running as long and as well as it can.

For more information on your pet home and air conditioning system, contact the TRUST Heating & Air experts. We are proud to serve Georgia with exceptional service and love for all pets, big and small.