HVAC Maintenance for Pet Owners

pet owner hvac

If you have one or more pets, it’s time to listen up! As we all know, pets are loving additions to the family and in many areas, come with an additional set of instructions. Whether they mean to or not, pets have dander and other additional factors that can affect your HVAC unit. It is important to follow some of these additional steps to maintain good quality air for you and prolong the life of your HVAC unit.

Regularly Replace Your Filter

No matter how much our pets love us, it does not prevent shedding and dander. This is an unfortunate fact and it is out of our control. However, what is in our control is how that shedding affects our HVAC systems. It is important to check your filter on a regular basis and replace it as needed. Pet dander and hair can buildup and clog the system. This can negatively affect the efficiency and operation of your HVAC system. If you feel like your system is constantly getting clogged and needing to be replaced, ask our professionals about a reusable filter that can be rinsed with water.

Groom Your Pets

To avoid clogs and buildup in your HVAC system of pet hair and dander, it is important to routinely groom your pets. While shedding is a completely natural and normal process for your pet, you can take steps to prevent it from taking over your home. Bathing and brushing your pet can keep their shedding of fur and dander to a minimum. This is especially important when the season’s change and pets shed additional coats. This can reduce its effect on your air filter and the amount of cleaning that your home requires. Regularly vacuuming any pet hair can also prevent it from getting into the system.

Clean Your Air Ducts

No matter how regularly you clean your home and groom your pets, small hairs and particles will circulate in your HVAC system. This means they will get into your air ducts as well. Over time, pet hair and dander can build-up inside the ducts and affect the quality of air. Regular HVAC maintenance is important because of this. Our HVAC professionals can inspect your ducts and remove unwanted pet dander, hair, and other allergens. This can also have a huge impact on deodorizing your home. By cleaning the ducts, you are increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the HVAC system while improving the quality of air.

Prevent Marking Territory and Chewing

Chewing is primarily an issue for young pets to ease their boredom or separation anxiety. Similarly, urinating on areas to mark territory is generally something young pets do and then outgrow as they mature. If pets do happen to chew on the wire that is attached to your HVAC system, while they may not be at risk of injury, it can be very damaging to your system. Additionally, urinating on the machine can pose a serious risk to the system. To prevent this, encase your electrical lines and create a barrier to keep your pet from getting close enough to the system.

Call the Professionals

At Trust Heating and Air, we know how important pets are to your and your family. It is our goal to keep your home comfortable and air quality high so you can live a healthy, happy life. Our professionals know what to look for when inspecting air ducts and HVAC unit. At Trust Heating and Air, we can help you with solutions to prolong the life of your HVAC systems. Call or contact us today to learn how you can improve the air quality and system efficiency for pet owners.