How to Preserve Your Air Conditioning Unit in Summer Temperatures

During the summer, your air conditioning unit works overtime to keep your house cool in the summer heat. By keeping your AC unit running constantly, it might not last as long as it would in a cooler climate. However, with proper maintenance, your AC unit can last longer, run more efficiently, lower utility bills, and save energy.

The lifespan of an AC unit is dependent on how well it is taken care of. Here are tips for a homeowner to consider to keep their unit running efficiently and effectively:

Check Your Air Filter

The air filter is responsible for protecting your air conditioner from dust, dirt, mold, and insects that make their way through passageways. This is especially important in the summertime when the air naturally circulates more dust and allergens than normal.

If the filter becomes clogged, it causes the air conditioning unit to work harder and run longer to supply the same amount of cool air. Build up of blockages in an air filter can cause the air conditioning to have a higher chance of breaking down.

Check your filter regularly and change it if the filter appears to be dirty. This is one of the easiest and most effective methods for conserving energy and saving money with your air conditioning unit.

Keep the Area Around the Unit Clear

If the air conditioning unit is blocked by any debris, it makes it harder for the unit to get adequate airflow. If the airflow is blocked, this makes the machine work harder and increases energy usage.

Debris like leaves, shrubs, dirt, grass, and more can block the air conditioning unit’s airflow. A good rule of thumb is leave at least 3-feet between any walls, landscaping, or other possible materials that can cause blockages.

Additionally, check your air ducts to ensure no rodents have made a nest there and that all the ducts are clear. Rodent nests can potentially put you at risk of getting sick and cause the unit to struggle while pushing air through.

Check the Drain Line

This tip helps with efficiency of the air conditioning unit and with preventing potential water damage to your home. Georgia’s humid heat can is no joke and your air conditioning unit also works to help dehumidify the air that cools off your home.

Moisture pulled from the air is emptied through the condensation drain line. The drain can get clogged due to algae, dirt, and insects. If the drain is blocked, it can cause water to back up and eventually lead to water damage in your house.

Have a professional check the drain line regularly to prevent any water damage to your property.

Listen to the Motor

Listen to your air conditioning unit. If there is any rattling or metal scraping noises, your fan may be loose or broken. If that is the case, unplug the unit immediately and call a professional to fix it.

If it just sounds louder than usual, the machine may be working harder than it normally would. This can be caused by dust and debris that are weighing down the fan. Even a little bit of resistance on the fan can slow down the unit and affect its energy consumption.

Contact the Experts

With proper maintenance an air conditioning unit can run longer and reduce energy bills. While DIY tasks can help, your air conditioning unit needs professional maintenance visits to run at its maximum efficiency. An HVAC specialist can spot problems before they arise and ensure that all parts are working properly to avoid system failures.

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