How Green Technologies are Changing HVAC Systems



Effective air conditioning systems are crucial year-round for your home or business in Georgia. Comfort is a priority and keeping hot, humid air out of the system is important during the brutal summer months. As we continue to move forward and improve as a society, technology improves with it. Thanks to new HVAC technology, homeowners and commercial property owners have plenty of energy-efficient options that keep them comfortable year-round. Based on estimates by the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling make up 56% of energy costs in homes and 73% in businesses. This can make the switch to green energy very enticing for homeowners. As we move away from the coal-dependent energy and focus on clean eco-friend technology, HVAC systems technology is improving with it.

What does Green HVAC Consist Of?

When compared to traditional HVAC systems, green HVAC can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental footprint. In addition to this, you can save a lot of money and energy. The word “green” makes people naturally curious about the technology being used. Another enticing aspect of switching to green technology is that it comes with a sizeable tax break. Replacing old technology with a newer, more efficient HVAC system can be enough of a tax break to make it more cost-effective to change it rather than leaving it as the old system.

3 Green HVAC Technologies to Look Out For

1. A Smart Thermostat

This technology lets you control your HVAC system anytime, from anywhere, using an app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. For example, if you go on vacation with your family and forget to adjust the thermostat, a smart thermostat will let you program the setting from a remote location. It’s quick and easy to make changes and ensure you are using your HVAC system as efficiently as possible.

2. Zoned HVAC System

Using this technology can allow you to section off your home or business in multiple zones – each being able to be controlled separately. Zoning allows you to keep occupied spaces comfortable and shut off areas not being used. This can reduce energy costs because you only use what you need and you have separate control over each location.

3. HVAC Economizer

This green technology can reduce the amount of mechanical cooling by up to 75%. It reduces the amount of time your machine needs to run and essentially brings in “free cooling” by using outdoor air. If your HVAC system doesn’t already feature this technology, a professional can add one without making any major mechanical changes to the current system.

Speak to an Expert Today

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