How Attic Insulation Saves Money and Improves Comfort

attic insulation

Adding attic insulation to your home will save you money and improve the comfort of your home. But how is the question? You see, when air leaks into the house through the walls, ceiling, roof, windows, and doors, it will compromise the air quality in your home. At TRUST Heating & Air, we want you and your family to have the best air quality, including protecting the home from humidity, heat, and cold alike.

TRUST Heating & Air is here for all your heating, cooling, and air quality needs in Gwinnett and Walton Counties in Northeast Georgia. You can believe it when we say that attic insulation will save you money and improve your comfort.

What is Attic Insulation and How Does It Work?

Your attic insulation is a critical part of your comfort in the home. It essentially traps the optimal temperatures in and keeps the undesired temperatures out. So, when it is hot out, it keeps the heat away from the ceiling of your home. And when it is bitter cold outside, it keeps those freezing temperatures away so your heater can do its job efficiently.

You see, heat rises, and your attic is at the top of your house. So, when the heat, good or bad, gets trapped, it will add to the temperature inside the home. But with attic insulation, a protective capsule of air allows your ceiling to be a neural temperature zone. The roof alone cannot achieve this. That is where the insulation comes in as a second line of defense.

Attic insulation helps reduce the amount of wear and tear on your home HVAC system and reduces your energy bill significantly.

attic insulation

Different Types of Attic Insulation

Now you may be asking if there are different types you need to be aware of. And the answer here is yes. Insulation is rated so that the purchaser knows the thermal resistance level to transfer the heat on each product. This is known as the R-value. And the higher the R-value, the better the insulation power. Then, where you live will determine the value your home needs. Most houses need an average of R-38 to R-49 in their attics.

Then there are the different types of insulation that can be chosen.

  1. The least expensive and most accessible to install is the roll-on type. It is flexible, fits in snug and in tight areas, and keeps the air in the home.
  2. Blow-in insulation is one step better in that it is a loose product that fits in even tinier cracks and crevices. And it is moisture resistant. This added protection keeps moisture out of your attic and from getting to the ceiling.
  3. The third option is a spray foam product which is the most energy-efficient. This material expands to fit tightly and seal all gaps and holes. Additionally, spray foam attic insulation lasts longer than the other types.

To learn which R-value rating is recommended for your home, you can check with the Department of Energy’s accurate zip-code function to determine that value.

How Attic Insulation Saves You Money

The Environmental Protection Agency states that homeowners can save an average of 15% on their HVAC costa when they seal and insulate their homes.

According to,

Most homes in the United States don’t have enough insulation and have significant air leaks. Did you know that 9 out of 10 homes in the U.S. are under-insulated? Sealing air leaks around your home and adding insulation are two of the most cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency and comfort in your home. By tackling both projects, you can maximize your comfort and save up to 10% on your annual energy bills.”

Insulation helps keep the HVAC unit cooling and heating the home efficiently, saving you money in the long run. In addition, there are several other benefits to insulation.

  • Humidity is kept out of the home or attic when insulation is added.
  • Insulation reduces sound coming from outside the building or between rooms and floors.
  • It provides an additional layer of protection from pollen, dust, and pest intrusion.

attic insulation

Insulation Inspection and Replacement

It is true, insulation can last the lifetime of a home. However, things happen, situations change, and so does the effectiveness of your insulation. It is an excellent practice to have your home’s attic insulation checked annually with one of your home AC maintenance plan visits. You see, if the roof springs a minor leak, you may have moisture in the insulation. Should you get the unfortunate pest in your attic, they may tear up the insulation for bedding, etc. You get the point. Insulation, no matter the quality, can change.

Then, if there is damage to the attic insulation, you will want to have it replaced. The most obvious sign you have an insulation replacement need is when your energy bill is skyrocketing, and you cannot seem to regulate the temperature in the house. When the HVAC system must work overtime to cool or heat the home, you may need to help it along with insulation replacement. If not the whole attic, parts of the attic may need insulation replaced due to leaks, pests, or age.

TRUST Heating and Air Recommends Attic Insulation for Your Home

Few things matter more to us in the HVAC installation and repair business than the comfort of you and your family in your home or place of business. In either case, the indoor air quality you breathe each day is of significant importance to you and to us. That is why we recommend checking your R-value rating and the quality of the insulation in your attic. At TRUST Heating & Air, we will do everything in our power to help your AC run efficiently for as long as it can. However, suppose the insulation is out of date, damaged, or the wrong rating. In that case, the HVAC system will work too hard and burn out before the end of its typical lifespan. No one wants that.

Checking your attic insulation along with the TRUST Preventative Maintenance Plan will keep your HVAC unit in tip-top shape for longer and your home feeling comfortable year-round.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Home HVAC System

Like the annual attic insulation inspection, your HVAC should be checked in the spring and fall to prepare for the change in weather. When you call TRUST, we’ll do the assessment for you.

Here are some of the benefits of enrolling in a plan with TRUST Heating and Air.

  • Your technician will identify broken or worn parts in need of repair or replacement before they get worse.
  • They will optimize the performance of your unit.
  • As an energy-efficient company, the tech will be sure your system is working up to par.
  • The indoor air quality will improve with clean filters and ductwork.
  • Ductwork will be examined regularly, which can be a significant expense if damaged.
  • The life of your unit will be extended with proper care.

When you care for any part of your home, from the attic to the AC, it will take better care of you and your family. You can believe in the care Trust Heating & Air will take of your HVAC.

Contact us today to get the highest efficiency from your home HVAC.

attic insulation