Holiday Season AC Tune-Up

Holiday Season AC Tune Up on the Calendar

Tune Up Your AC Before the Holiday Season Starts

Are you worried your home’s HVAC system won’t be ready for the upcoming holidays? If you didn’t know, your HVAC components need regular maintenance to function correctly. You wouldn’t want to come home from work to find strange noises and unpleasant smells coming out of the HVAC unit when you’ll have family over soon. Let Trust Heating & Air tune up your AC before the holiday season starts.

Your house is at risk of having poor indoor air quality if you fail to prepare the HVAC unit for the holidays. Furthermore, debris, dirt, dust, and mold accumulate in the system and may pollute the air.

You want to maintain the HVAC unit to minimize energy bills and prevent expensive breakdowns. Preventative maintenance will also prevent hefty repairs and extend the system’s life.

Some of the Things You Can Fix on Your HVAC System:

Beat Peak Season

Winter is the peak season for HVAC. You wouldn’t want your heat to crash when cold winter temperatures roll in. After all, most people want their HVAC systems looked at before family and friends visit for the holidays.

You can’t predict when problems with your HVAC unit will arise. Instead of waiting for your entire system to mess up, routine HVAC maintenance can help you avoid these disasters. That way, you stay ahead of schedule.

If you don’t schedule, you might have to wait your turn while your HVAC specialists are busy with other customers. To also ensure you avoid scheduling issues, a fall HVAC tune-up can also help you avoid rate increases. You can schedule a fall HVAC tune-up appointment to get everything in working order before the rush.

Maintain a Healthy Home

Your family deserves to live comfortably. When you forget to schedule your fall HVAC tune-up, you can end up putting your family at risk. Carbon monoxide is a harmful gas that can leak into your home.

There’s also dust build-up to think about. When your HVAC filters aren’t clean, you’re leaving dander, dust, and mold to circulate throughout your home. Each day, your family will breathe in these airborne toxins.

Living in a house without clean air usually causes health concerns like asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems.

By scheduling routine air conditioning tune-ups, you can have Trust Heating & Air change your air filter regularly. A clean air filter will work best to trap these airborne contaminants.

With that, your family can breathe a little better in your home. Also, by improving their respiratory health, you’re also cutting the cost of potential medical bills down the road.

Clean the Ducts

Your air conditioner could stop working well if the vents are clogged or dirty. You can climb into the basement, attic, or crawlspace where the AC is installed and look for clues of dirt in the ducts.

Inspect all duct sections for torn spots, disconnections, and gaps.

You can also see if the duct tape fixed to the ducts is still intact. A clogged vent would lead to poor indoor air quality and temperature fluctuations.

Hire a Trust Heating & Air professional to clean the air ducts if they are visibly dirty. You can expect us to use rotary brushes and a high-powered vacuum while cleaning them.

Inspect Your Air Filters

Inspect your AC filters before the holiday season arrives since they tend to collect dirt and debris with continued use. The trapped dust restricts normal airflow and reduces your AC units’ cooling power.

Your AC can suffer a significant break if the filters go uncleaned and are not changed. Change your filters once a month or every six months, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. If your air condition unit fails to pass cold air or gets too hot, you most likely need to change the air filters.

You should also change the filters if you have noticed a spike in your energy bills, dust collecting near your vents, and flare-in allergies.

Clean or replace the filters before the holidays if you plan to travel. Replacing a clogged filter can lower your AC’s energy consumption by 5 percent to 15 percent.

Holiday Season AC Tune Up for family

Look for Abnormalities in All Burner Flames

Your furnace burner should always produce blue flames to indicate it’s functioning well. Any signs of orange or yellow flames may suggest a build-up of debris in the burner. The unusual flame colors may mean that the furnace needs a professional tune-up.

Listen for any strange noises from your home’s heating system during the inspection. A rattling sound from the burner may mean a loose screw or loose panel.

It could also mean your heat exchanger has a leak or crack that could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Inspect your furnace for strange scents that suggest a natural gas leak, vent problems, or mold growth.

Set Thermostat for the Season

Install a programmable thermostat in your home to adjust automatically to indoor temperatures.

If you have one that you can’t program, you can use a thermometer to measure indoor temperatures. Use your thermometer readings to set the thermostat to the correct temperature settings.

You may set the thermostat lower if you aren’t at home for an extended period. Just remember extreme low-temperature settings can cause the freezing of your coolant coils and make them explode.

You should also keep your HVAC system on when you’re on vacation to prevent excess humidity and cold in your house.

Creating Efficiency

Dust debris and other airborne particles can clog up your HVAC system. As a result, these particles will reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency and force it to work double time. Your energy bill will spike up, all because of a dirty filter.

Routine HVAC maintenance can help you stay on top of things. Accomplishing simple tasks such as cleaning the AC unit and replacing filters can help ensure your HVAC system is running in top shape.

When your system runs at the best possible efficiency, you’re also saving money better spent on this year’s holiday presents instead.

Seal Any Air Leaks

Air leaks can happen when outdoor air seeps through, and conditioned air escapes your house through openings and cracks. The leak may trigger moisture problems in your home, thus favoring mildew growth and causing structural defects to the building.

It would help if you didn’t rely on air leaks for ventilation since the leaks may bring in allergens during windy or cold weather.

Seal the air leaks to lower your heating and cooling costs and create a more comfortable indoor environment. You’ll also get to improve the durability of your HVAC system in the process.

You can apply caulk to openings or cracks around your window and door frames. Weather strips on movable parts of your house, like doors, can help seal the leaks.

Inspect Your HVAC Registers

An HVAC register is a grille comprising operable parts that direct air into the HVAC unit. Without the registers, your home’s indoor air quality will be affected.

Home items like boxes and furniture can block your HVAC registers while you’re away. The blockages will disrupt proper airflow into the HVAC unit and lead to dirt or dust accumulation.

Ensure the HVAC registers are in good shape as you prepare your heating and cooling unit for the busy holiday season.

Holiday Season AC Tune Up wishing a Merry Christmas

Schedule a Professional AC Tune-Up

During the AC tune-up, Trust Heating & Air will inspect the parts of your AC to ensure that they are working as they should. They may also make minor repairs to prevent the unit from breaking down due to defects.

The tune-up will keep your AC at its best performance and increase energy efficiency in your home. You’ll also spend less money on your energy bills while increasing the lifespan of the entire air conditioning unit.

Book Your Professional HVAC Tune-Up

A well-maintained HVAC unit will keep your home comfortable and safe during this holiday season. Let this be one less thing on your mind. Get an HVAC tune-up quote from one of our representatives today.