Goodman HVAC Products: A Name You Can TRUST

Goodman Featured Product

When you need a new HVAC unit, and you purchase one through a local HVAC company, you install a product the installer backs. Likewise, the manufacturer trusts the company they allow to sell and install their units. All that to say, your local TRUST Heating and Air installs high-quality products like those made by Goodman.

Trust Heating and Air Installs Goodman Products with Confidence

Trust Heating & Air is the local preferred HVAC company for heating and cooling. Our highly trained and certified service professionals are knowledgeable in all aspects of air conditioning and heating services, as well as indoor air quality solutions. In this article, we would like to tell you about the Goodman line of HVAC products and why we choose to offer their product line to our faithful clients.

About Goodman

For more than 30 years, the Goodman brand has been placing quality HVAC systems in homes all across America. In fact, the units are designed and engineered here in America. Providing quality comfort for families with high-quality products is what the Goodman name is all about. And it is also what we believe in here at Trust Heating and Air. That is why we are pleased to offer Goodman products to all our customers at an affordable price.

Products Goodman Provides

Trust will order and install the products you need to keep your home at the optimal temperature all year round. With a Goodman unit, you can count on the highest standard; and with a Trust installation, you know you have an install you can count on too.

Here are some of the products Trust Heating and Air installs and services for the people of Gwinnett and Walton Counties in Northeast Georgia.

Air Conditioners: As an Energy Star Partner, you’ll see that blue sticker proudly placed on our AC units. From the Baked-on Powder -paint finish, the louvered coil guards, contactors with lugs, and the factory-installed filter driers, you can’t go wrong with a Goodman AC installed by Trust Heating and Air.

Heat Pumps: Goodman keeps your home comfortable with louvered coil guards, contactors with lugs, and the factory-installed filter driers.

Gas Furnaces: Featuring a multi-speed PSC blower, a multi-speed ECM blower, and a tubular heat exchanger with wrinkle bend technology, your heat pump will keep you warm all season long.

Packaged Units: Whether you are looking for a packaged AC or a packaged Heat Pump, gas-electric, or dual-fuel, Goodman and Trust Heating and Air will have you feeling comfy all year.

Air Handlers and Coils: The Goodman Air Handlers have all-aluminum evaporator coils that work right every time. And securing the correct coil will give your unit the best performance.

Goodman Product Features

According to Goodman, the features included in the product line are of the highest quality and standard. And that is why we choose to offer the Goodman line to our Georgia residents. Here are a few of the details listed on their company product line page.

  • The industry’s only dual-diameter, tubular gas furnace heat exchanger, with a unique design that brings new meaning to durability.
  • High-efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps with the Goodman brand’s patented SmartCoil™ condensing coil – the most advanced and efficient 5mm copper tube and aluminum fin combination available.
  • ComfortNet™ Communicating Control systems that help high-efficiency systems run their absolute best offer homeowners new control and operational precision levels.
  • ​Unique All-Aluminum evaporator coils that help to eliminate a leading cause of premature copper evaporator coil failures​.
  • ​Heat pumps that today offer homeowners new levels of control and operational precision​.
  • ​A full line of indoor air quality products offers advanced filtration, humidification, ventilation, and purification for any home​.
  • ​High-performance commercial heating and cooling products and systems provide comfortable indoor environments for businesses, restaurants, and stores coast to coast.

Trust Heating and Air represents this product line with full belief in the lien. Call our technicians for an install today.

Trust the AC Installation Process

Of course, each system and the home plan are different, which is why Trust Heating and Air provides this brief view of the process. When your Goodman unit is purchased, our technician will be sure you have no additional questions before installation. So, here is a glimpse at what you can expect on the day of installation

  • First, the technicians will do the work needed outdoors. They will take apart and remove the old system.
  • Next, the techs will perform any ductwork repair or replacement deemed necessary.
  • Then the new unit will be placed outside, leveled, and secured.
  • If the indoor unit needs replacement, they will unbox and bring that in for the switch.
  • The next step is the refrigerant lines, drain pans, and electrical work.
  • The thermostat install or replacement is next.
  • Then the lines are vacuumed, and the unit is charged. At this point, the new unit will begin to run.
  • Finally, the technicians will test the temperature and adjust accordingly.

At Trust Heating and Airyou can believe in the process and the care we take to install your Goodman HVAC unit.

Warranty Excellence from Goodman and Trust

You can believe in the excellence of a company when they offer warranties coupled with low monthly payments. SO, you can believe in Goodman and Trust Heating and Air as we have teamed up to provide the following assurances.

  • Our 15 Year Labor Warranty
  • A 10 Year Parts Warranty

Those two, plus our low payments available, leave you with a cool feeling about your choice to trust Trust and Goodman products.

Want to know more? Give our team at Trust Heating and Air a call to discuss warranty details and payment options.

Goodman and Trust

Trust Heating and Air and Goodman

Trust Heating and Air’s technicians are the local experts you can trust to recommend the right HVAC system for your house and your family’s needs. And Goodman manufactures a “Made in America” product we can stand behind.

You see, each HVAC installation is unique, and your local, Trust HVAC professional knows which HVAC brands are best for your specific indoor comfort needs. That is the benefit of using a local Georgia HVAC company, like TRUST. Homeowners do not need to know which product and type they need. That is why your Trust Heating and Air professional is here.

Trust Heating and Air for Your HVAC Installation

Trust Heating and Air takes pride in being a company of good people, selling and installing quality products, and always having a plan for the company’s future. We understand that only the highest quality standard of technicians, products, and service will allow us the freedom to expand and grow. So when we say we stand behind a product like Goodman, you can believe we mean it.

Our maintenance and repair technicians continuously receive on-going training and education. Technicians are EPA certified. They maintain a professional demeanor with great respect for our customers, our company, and themselves. We strive to get the job right the first time.

Residentially, we service all equipment brands, install replacement equipment, and offer a full range of home comfort service programs and products, including the Goodman line. At Trust Heating and Air, we focus our efforts and expertise on energy efficiency and extending the useful life of the equipment. Our company cares about our customers and delivering the best product and service to all of Georgia.

So, if you are ready for your new Goodman system or need your current Goodman HVAC maintained, Trust Heating and Air is the company YOU can TRUST. Contact our team today.