Getting Your Home Ready for the Winter


In the fall, we begin to see stores preparing for the winter weather with long sleeves, cozy sweaters, warm jackets, heavier blankets, and more. Likewise, we need to take measures to prepare our homes. Not only will the efforts keep the winter weather outside where it belongs, but it will protect the house itself. After all, your home is where you keep your family safe, so it makes sense to keep it in top condition.

Although we do not get sub-zero temperatures in our area, we get that wet weather and those cold temperatures. So put on a light jacket in the fall and get to work protecting the home.

Winter Tips You Can Trust

Even though we live in a southern state, a cold snap in the weather, especially if prolonged, can really cause damage to your home. If you haven’t gotten your Georgia home ready for the winter yet, fear not! Trust Heating & Air’s helpful tips will help you prepare.

Start Winter Prep Outside

When it is still nice outside is the time to do that outside winter prep. Roll up your sleeves, put on a pair of gloves, and gather supplies. It is time to get busy getting ready for the winter.

Prepping the Lawn, Deck, and Garden- There are plenty of things you can do to help protect your lawn, garden, and deck throughout the winter.

  • Trim back trees and shrubbery from touching the house and electrical wires. Now is not the time to do a major prune, but rather a light trim.
  • Aerate the yard, lay winter seed, and winter fertilizer.
  • Clean and repair any lawn furniture. And if you have covers, now is the time to put them on.
  • Bring in clay pots and metal outdoor décor to protect them from the weather.
  • Remove hoses and store them for the winter. Allow any remaining water to drain out, so it doesn’t freeze.
  • Repair and stain or water treat the deck.

Gutters and Roof- Always have the roof checked before wintertime. That way, if there are any missing shingles or damage, a leak won’t spring up in the middle of winter. And the gutters could stand to be cleaned out and repaired after all the leaves have stopped falling. This way, you do not end up with an iced mess that becomes too heavy for the gutters causing damage.

Oh, and ensure no exterior holes or gaps would allow for nuisance pests to enter. After all, your home will be warm and toasty, perfect for rodents to come in a nest for the winter.

The Crawl Space, Slab, or Basement- Winterize your home’s foundation with these easy steps.

Crawl spaces can hold moisture and end up a molded mess. And that mold and mildew can damage the floors and ruin your indoor air quality. So, we suggest you consider getting the crawlspace encapsulated or waterproofed. And remember to get it sealed up so the pests do not nest down there and make a real mess.

The slab has plumbing in and around it. Make sure those pipes are in good condition. Then, check the foundation’s drainage. You want the water to drain away from the foundation of the home.

Your basement should be sealed up too. You sure don’t want water, ices, or critters in there. Check on the window seals and any entry points too.

Turn Off Exterior Faucets- One of the easiest things you can do in your winterizing plan is turn off the exterior faucets. As water freezes, it expands, and if this happens in the pipes within your home, the lines can crack or burst, cursing some significant water damage. Turning off the outside faucets can save you from major headaches and the expenses that result from freezing pipes and damaged water valves.

Ice Dam Prevention- An ice dam occurs when water at the margin of the roof freezes and starts inching back into the shingles. While frozen, the ice isn’t a big deal. But when that ice dam melts, water seeps beneath the shingles. This damages the roof structure, ceilings and increases the risk of water leaking into the walls inside your home.

Winter Prep Inside the Home

Now that the exterior is taken care of, you will be ready to walk through the inside and get it all prepped for winter weather.

Ensure Warning Systems are Working- Your fire alarm and carbon monoxide monitors are essential when running the heater and keeping the home closed in the winter. Check the batteries and perform tests to be sure they are in working order. This is a cheap way to protect your home and family.

Doors and Windows- Front doors, side doors, sliding glass doors, and garage doors all have gaps, at the joints, about the size of the width of a quarter. These gaps are designed to allow doors and windows to operate smoothly and minimize wear and tear. In the winter months, cold air enters your home through these gaps, which can drive up your energy bill.

An easy fix for this is to caulk the exterior joints of your windows and doors. This will minimize drafts and reduce heat loss from inside the home. This is a money-saver because your heating system won’t be working as hard to keep you cozy on a wintery day.

  • Check your weatherstripping
  • Look at the window frames made of wood and ensure they are not rotting or decaying.
  • Check for any cracks in the glass windows, so they do not worsen in the cold air.

Tools and Machines- Get that snowblower ready and shovels too. And clean off and put away the spring and fall tools.

Time for the Fireplace- Are there any drafts in your fireplace? Now is the time to have it repaired. Cleaning the flue from any debris, soot, and creosote will reveal any additional problems that might be a danger when you light that first fire.

Get a Heating System Tune-Up

If you’ve waited until the temp to drop below 40 degrees to have your heating system tuned up, you’ve waited too long. However, it is never too late! A professional heating system inspection helps ensure that your home can keep you warm and cozy inside when the temps go down in Georgia.

Here are the steps you can take to keep your HVAC unit in top condition all winter long.

  • Clean or replace the air filters to keep the entire home breathing easy.
  • Clear debris and overgrowth from around the unit outside.
  • Wipe down mold and algae from the coils left from the summer air.
  • Check for leaks and call for repair if needed.
  • Have your ductwork and vents cleaned for optimal airflow.

Knowing your system allows an opportunity for the technician to ask questions about your family’s AC needs and your system’s function. That way, they can best serve your home’s HVAC needs. The maintenance call is your chance to address minor issues that may have been concerning but not enough of a problem to put in a service call.

Our HVAC professionals are specialists when it comes to performing heating system checks, repairs, and replacements.  Proper maintenance of your home heating can increase efficiency and save on your energy costs through the winter season.


The Quality Winter Service From Trust Heating & Air

During a cold front, the last thing you want is a heater failure. In that case, you will want someone you can trust to come out right away and get it up and running the first time. Count on the friendly technicians at Trust Heating and Air to get right out and warm up your home again.

Even the best units need maintenance when they work as hard as they do. Imagine never maintaining your vehicle. It wouldn’t get you from point A to B for long, now would it? Oil changes and tire rotation are an integral part of automobile ownership. And that is precisely how it is with your AC and heat as well.

With our Preventative Maintenance Program, you will receive the following exemplary services when we come out in the Spring and Fall to maintain your system.

  1. Technicians will identify broken or worn parts needing repair or replacement before sustaining any additional damage.
  2. They will optimize the performance of your unit through various cleaning and adjustment methods.
  3. Your tech will ensure your system is as energy efficient as possible with tight seals and positive airflow.
  4. The indoor air quality will vastly improve with clean filters, coils, and ductwork.
  5. Ductwork will be examined regularly to prevent air from escaping, a significant expense if damaged.
  6. The life of your unit will be extended with proper care.

When you care for any part of your home, it will take better care of you and your family. That is why the good folks of Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area count on the services provided by Trust Heating and AC.

So, if you’re concerned that your heating system is not ready for winter or you want to identify additional ways to save money on your heating bill, schedule a heating system check with Trust today!