Getting your Air Conditioning System Ready for Spring

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With warmer temperatures finally here, it is the perfect time to get your air conditioner ready to use to keep your family comfortable during the spring, winter and fall months. You have two choices to get your AC system ready:

  1. Hit the easy button and call a local experienced HVAC company for a review of your system to make sure it is in prime condition, or
  2. DIY review.

Spring HVAC Startup Checklist

You can follow these important steps to insure a trouble-free summer cooling season before you switch the wall thermostat to cooling.

Replace your filters

Filters are a cost-effective valuable way to prepare your AC for the summer months. Typically, it is recommended to replace your filters every 2–3 months to ensure that the air flow from your AC system is not restricted.

Clear the area around your outdoor unit

Clear any leaves and debris from the surrounding area around the unit to help with air flow and efficiency.

Check the insulation

There are coolant lines with insulation on them that connect to your home on the back of your unit. Check to see if the insulation is missing, cracked, peeling, or frayed. If any of these conditions exist, give your local HVAC company a call.

Turn your unit on

Early in the season turn your unit on to make sure it is running correctly. Just switch on your AC using the thermostat, check that cold air is coming from the vents, then turn the air off again.

Check the registers

Make sure your registers are not blocked. You can lift the register grates up and make sure nothing has fallen into the vents.

Check the coil drainage hose

The hose is called the “condensate line”. Since the coil’s temperature is lower than the ambient air, water will condense on the coil and drip into the tray below. It needs to flow to a drain or the tray. Check to make sure the line is in the proper place, attached, and will drain to the appropriate location.

Schedule a tune-up

Annually, have a professional perform a full check on your system. By having your system maintained you can make sure that it is running safely and efficiently. Regular tune-ups can extend the life of your air conditioning system.

If you have any problems, go through the check list one more time and then try it again.  If the problem continues, turn the system off and call a quality HVAC contractor who can diagnose the problem. Remember that by leaving a system turned on when it’s not running properly can do permanent damage.

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