Eight Steps to Get Your HVAC System Ready for Winter?

The signs of Fall are all around us — cooler days and even colder nights, wearing sweaters, falling leaves, and Halloween coming shortly. That means it is time to schedule your HVAC System winterization.

Here are eight steps to make sure that your HVAC system is ready to deliver when the winter months arrive. This is not recommended as a DIY project for most people, so call TRUST Heating & Air at 678-926-9676.

Step 1: Check and replace your air filters

Regularly checking and replacing HVAC filters is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the longevity of the system and prevent breakdowns. Change air filters at least every three months. For allergy sufferers or homes with pets, change filters more frequently.

Check your air filters every 2 to 3 weeks to make sure they are functioning correctly. Improperly functioning air filters can prevent a home from heating or cooling adequately and efficiently, taxing your system, and increasing costs.

Step 2: Clean your outdoor unit

This fall, check your outdoor unit for debris and damage. Trim any tall grass, shrubs, or trees that have grown too close to the exterior unit before winter weather arrives. Then, clean the unit by switching it off and rinsing out dirt, twigs, and any other debris with a garden hose. This is also a good time to notice if there is any damage or debris that is hard to remove from your outdoor unit.

Step 3: Clean your air ducts and vents

Air ducts and vents are responsible for circulating air throughout your house. To make sure the air in your home is being properly filtered and circulated, regularly clean your air ducts and vents and have all of the registers open. Obstructed air ducts force HVAC systems to work harder, decreasing both efficiency and lifespan.

To get your air ducts and vents ready for fall, check to make sure all of the registers are open and that they are not covered or obstructed by furniture, drapery, or other items. Then, vacuum any visible dust from your air ducts and vents. Use a wet cloth to remove any dust left behind by the vacuum.

Step 4: Find and seal any possible air leaks

Air leaks are the number one cause of inefficiency in HVAC systems. Check windows and doors for any air that might be coming through. Apply weather stripping to windows and doors to seal them from air leaks. If you consistently feel some rooms are warmer or colder than others, the air leak may be coming from your ventilation ducts. Our HVAC professionals at TRUST Heating & Air can help you identify the leak and prepare your home for the heating season.

Step 5: Examine furnace burners and blowers

Fall is the perfect time to test the furnace to make sure it is working correctly before relying on it in the winter months. Before turning your furnace, check for any dust or obstruction that may have accumulated over the warm summer months.

Then test the furnace and burners to make sure they are working properly. If you notice anything unusual, call TRUST Heating & Air for a furnace inspection to make sure your HVAC system is ready to heat before the colder months are here.

Step 6: Program your thermostat

Programmable thermostats change based on the outside temperature, helping your HVAC system work more efficiently. With the constant fluctuation in temperatures as the seasons change, a programmable thermostat extends your system’s life and saves money on heating and cooling bills.

Step 7: Schedule a professional HVAC maintenance

Before the colder winter months, set in ensure your HVAC unit is functioning properly with a professional HVAC maintenance. Regular maintenance will make sure your system is working correctly and efficiently when you need it the most.

Step 8: Test Your System

Once the equipment has been cleaned, inspected, and the settings have been adjusted, test the system to make sure that it is working correctly. As you know, our Georgia winters can get cold and requires switching over to heat vs. cool air. Make sure you are ready for winter. If you do not already have an experienced local HVAC professional, it is a great time to start looking for one.

Repair or Service
If your HVAC is not working at peak performance, a repair might be required or at least a service check. Make sure to call an experienced quality HVAC Company who will restore it to top condition.

Regular Maintenance
When you purchase an HVAC system, some manufacturers require regular maintenance, or they will void out your warranty. With regular maintenance, you can prevent costly repairs and experience worry-free comfort for years to come. It will help to maintain a longer life of your equipment and protect your manufacturer’s warranty. It will help prevent emergency system failures. You will get better efficiency and capacity by changing your filters and other services. Your reputable HVAC company usually provides a Maintenance Contract, which will give you a discount on any repairs, priority status, 24-hour answering service, etc. You may want to consider this method and get a quote.

If you have any problems or questions with your HVAC system, contact your local Heating and Air company?

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