Do I Need to Cover My Air Conditioner During the Winter?

Your HVAC system is one of the most investments in your home, so it is very important to take care of it and service it regularly.

The answer to cover or not to cover your air conditioner unit during winter can depend on where you are actually located. Being located in Georgia, there can be some temporary reasons to cover your air conditioner. 

Why to Cover your A/C

If there is a strong hail storm or a heavy winter storm with an abundance of snow it could be a reason to cover the unit short term to protect it from the hail damage or too much snow.

There are actually more reasons NOT to cover your air conditioner in Georgia over the winter.

Why NOT to Cover your A/C

Covering your air conditioner in the winter is not a necessary precaution in most cases. Here are several reasons why NOT to cover your air conditioning unit:

Outdoor HVAC equipment
No HVAC manufacturer (Carrier, Lennox, etc.) recommend that you cover your air conditioner in the winter. Most outdoor HVAC equipment is made specifically for outdoors and to withstand harsh weather conditions and varying temperature extremes. The parts and materials used are designed to stand up to harsh winters and hot summers.


By covering your unit, you may create an inviting place for a rodent such as mice and small animals to take up residence in a warm enclosed space. Obviously, this is not a good situation because they can chew through your wires and damage the unit.

Mildew and mold

By covering the unit, mold and mildew could accumulate due to the possible increase in moisture. The unit is made to be open to the air to circulate.

Damage coils

If water accumulates on your condenser coils (air conditioners external coils and then freezes, it can damage your coils over time. Covering your air conditioner doesn’t solve this problem. Moisture can get in and accumulate either from humidity that is naturally in the air, or from wind blowing it in. As the water on the ground evaporates, it can also create moisture which will damage your coils too.

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