COVID Variants and Your HVAC System

HVAC System and COVID

What Do the COVID Variants and Your HVAC System Have to Do With One Another?

What can you do to help lessen the transmission of the variants? Well, that is a long and exhaustive article to go into. But did you know your HVAC system has something to do with the spread of viruses? So, what do the COVID variants and your HVAC system have to do with one another?

COVID-19, Delta, and Omicron are all words that strike fear into the minds of some, and others simply are unphased by. The disparage comes from letting it cause fear and the amount of weight you place on the viruses. However, either way you feel, the virus needs to be controlled, or we will lose more and more people each year. Keeping up with HVAC maintenance is one way to ensure the air you are breathing in the home is fresh and clean.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

One of the ways you can keep your family a little safer from the COVID variants is by paying attention to your indoor air quality and your HVAC system. Improving ventilation improves indoor air quality. There are many ways to increase the fresh air in your home and keep your family breathing clear.

Proper ventilation and COVID protocol are some of the ways the CDC recommends we keep safe in the years to come. Bringing fresh air indoors helps keep virus particles from building up in the house. Follow the steps below to clean the air in your home with proper ventilation.

  1. Open screened windows and doors when possible.
  2. Use your bathroom fans to reduce virus, bacteria, and moisture buildup.
  3. Use kitchen fans that exhaust outside the home.
  4. Keep air circulating in the home by installing fans in the house.
  5. Try air purifiers in rooms that seem stale or do not have windows.
  6. When the air in the home feels stagnant, consider adjusting the temperature on the HVAC system to get the air flowing again.
  7. If you have company, set the fan on your HVAC system to “on” rather than “fan” to keep cleaning the air.
  8. Make sure your air filters on your AC fit appropriately, so no air goes unfiltered.
  9. Clean your air filters monthly.
  10. Have your HVAC system checked regularly to ensure it is all working as it should.

That said, if your home’s HVAC system is “sick,” it will not do much good in keeping you well.

HVAC System

Cleaning Your HVAC System

Avoid a sick AC and a sick family with a clean HVAC unit. Your local HVAC technician can clean the entire unit and get the air in your home as fresh as ever. And as you know, many pollutants in the outside world are dangerous for our health and quality of life.

Keep your AC running well all year long with a good HVAC system cleaning, including the following measures.

  • Get your unit regularly serviced by a professional HVAC company.
  • Keep all debris and plant growth away from the outside AC component.
  • Change your filters as advised, usually once a month.
  • Clean mold and algae from the coils.
  • Inspect the flow lines.
  • Ensure your unit is level.
  • Regulate the airflow with the registers. Be sure they are never closed more than 20% to keep air flowing to each room of the house.
  • Have your technician clean the ductwork of the home.

Some of the above, you can do on your own. But, knowing your system allows an opportunity for the technician to ask questions about your family’s AC needs and your system’s function. That way, they can best serve your home’s HVAC needs.

The maintenance call is your chance to address minor issues that may have been concerning but not enough of a problem to put in a service call.

Contact the pros at TRUST Heating & Air to discuss how to keep your family’s indoor air clean and more.

HVAC System

Maintaining Your HVAC System

Pollutants in our indoor air can be even more deadly than those we experience outdoors. Indoor pollutants can range anywhere from pet dander and other allergens, all the way to carbon monoxide or other dangerous gases. Air quality indoors can be clean and safe with preventative maintenance and simple changes.

In Georgia, just imagine the toll the ever-changing weather patterns have on our HVAC systems just trying to keep up. Your HVAC is working all day and night to regulate whatever weather we encounter and keep your indoor air clean.

Even the best units need maintenance when they work as hard as they do. With the program Trust Heating and Air has developed, you will receive the following exemplary services when we come out in the Spring and Fall to maintain your system.

  1. The technician will identify broken or worn parts needing repair or replacement before sustaining any additional damage.
  2. They will optimize the performance of your unit through various cleaning and adjustment methods.
  3. The tech will ensure your system is as energy efficient as possible with tight seals and positive airflow.
  4. The indoor air quality will vastly improve with clean filters, coils, and ductwork.
  5. Ductwork will be examined regularly to prevent air from escaping, which can be a significant expense if damaged.
  6. The life of your unit will be extended with proper care.

When you care for any part of your home, it will take better care of you and your family. That is why the good folks of Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area count on the services provided by Trust Heating and AC.

HVAC System

Battle the COVID Variants with Your HVAC System and Clean Indoor Air Quality

TRUST Heating & Air hopes everyone stays safe this holiday season and into 2022. Please be sure to continue to follow safety measures by wearing a mask when required, washing your hands often, staying a safe distance from others, and keeping your home as clean as you can.

If you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself or a member of your household, please get tested right away or call 911 for severe symptoms.

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Chest or upper abdominal pain or pressure
  • Sudden dizziness, weakness, or fainting
  • A change to vision or difficulty speaking
  • Confusion, a change in your mental status
  • Sudden or severe pain
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Severe vomiting or diarrhea

Then, take extra measures to breathe clear and clean air in 2022 by keeping your HVAC system working well.

Schedule a cleaning or sign up for preventative maintenance with TRUST Heating and Air today!