How to Choose the Perfect Air Conditioning Repair Contractor?

Air Conditioning Repair Contractor

Anytime you invite a stranger into your home is nervewracking. You don’t know who they are or what their motives might be. Still, when you have air conditioner repairs to be done you need a professional to do it.

So, how do you choose the perfect ait conditioning repair contractor? Here we will tell you all the things to be aware of before you hire a contractor.

Become Your Own Private Investigator and Perform a Background Check on Your Own

Before you hire a company you should check them out online. How are their reviews? Use the search bar to look for reviews pertaining to your specific repairs. Make sure to sort the reviews for the most recent.

Pay attention to both the positive and negative reviews from the last couple of months. This will be most indicative of the services you’ll be receiving.

In addition to reviews, you’ll also want to ask to see licenses and get references from previous customers. If a contractor provides you this information do your due diligence and contact the references.

Also, ask the contractor what their protocol is if the job ends up being more difficult than they originally anticipated. See how they’ll handle conflict.

Does Your System Require a Specialist?

If you have a specialty AC like a ductless system or other uncommon equipment, make sure to ask about the experience of any potential contractors with your specific system.

You should always hire an air conditioning repair contractor with expertise working on systems like yours. This means the job will get done right the first time and take the least amount of time.

Ask for a Written Estimate with Details Included

You can learn a lot about an HVAC company by how they run their estimate process. They should offer to give you a free estimate.

If a potential company is asking you to pay for an estimate don’t book it. This means they are routinely not hired and need some way to make money. Here at Trust Heating and Air we always provide free estimates with a full breakdown of what’s included.

You should know exactly what your money is going to and why before you hire anyone.

A Good Reputation is Worth More Than Gold

Don’t judge an air conditioner repair contractor on price alone. Take a look at how the company presents itself.

Are the vehicles professional? Are the employees in uniform? Do they look like they know what they’re doing?

Ask the references about the whole process and their professionalism. Check online for any complaints with the BBB or other organizations to make sure they haven’t had issues in the past.

The company with the best reputation may not be the cheapest but they will give you quality work which saves money in the long run.

Get Clear About the Payment Schedule and Service Contracts

If you’re hiring a contractor to handle a large job like the installation of a whole new HVAC system you need to understand the contract and the payment schedule inside and out.

The contract is going to advise if the company provides any guarantees on their work and if they offer a maintenance plan post-installation with your purchase.

For large projects, the payment schedule can require upfront deposits and then installment payments throughout the course of the job prior to completion. Make sure you’re completely clear on when payments will be due and what completion steps you’re looking for to satisfy the timeline.

Some companies offer in house financing to help you pay for your project. These are phenomenal programs that can take some of the financial burdens off of your savings account when a big repair is needed. Make sure to read all the fine print to make sure you understand before signing though.

Be Diligent and End Up in Great Hands When You Hire the Perfect Air Conditioner Repair Contractor

We hope this gives you some insight into the kinds of things you should pay attention to when hiring an air conditioner repair contractor.

Make sure to check out their licenses, references, reputation, estimates, contracts and payment schedules, before committing to a contractor. Remember that the cheapest estimate is not always going to be the best choice.

Are you ready to hire the best air conditioner repair contractor in Georgia? Look no further than Trust Heating & Air. Get your free estimate today.

Our experts will have you in the blissful cool breezes of air conditioning in no time at a fair price.