Checklist of Top Air Conditioner Problems

It is crucial for your home or business to have a fully-functioning air conditioning unit in the warmer months. Without one, your comfort is compromised. There are many reasons why your AC might not work correctly. HVAC systems need regular maintenance to run efficiently and deliver optimal performance year after year.


Here is a checklist to help you assess what the possible problem is with your air conditioning system and get it back to maximum capacity quickly when you need it.


Fixing a filter problem is an easy one. If your filter is dirty or clogged, the airflow is restricted and that causes the air to not cool property and decreasing the efficiency of the system. Filters should be changed often. Depending on how much you are running it and if you have pets, you may need to change it monthly.

Breakers or Fuses

If your system goes off or isn’t working correctly, you’ll want to look at your breakers or fuses to see if there is a power problem? It could be as easy as resetting the breaker, and everything is fixed. Or, you may need to call an electrician or an HVAC technician or test the system and figure out the problem. 


With today’s technology, thermostats are programmable, and you can control the temperature in your home. Your thermostat could be affected by the direct sunlight of a window or skylight which will cause it to show the wrong temperature. Talk with your AC technician about where to set your thermostat for an ideal result.

Vents and Registers 

Are the Registers Dirty or Blocked?If your airflow is compromised, check the vents and registers in each room of the house. Make sure the registers are open. By closing a register in a room, you make your HVAC system harder. Keep the vents and registers clean by vacuuming them.


You have fans in your AC unit. If your fans are not working correctly, it could be a faulty motor, lubrication issue, or worn belts which need to be replaced or fixed.


Your AC uses refrigerant to remove the heat and humidity from the air. If your system has leaks in the refrigerant lines, you can end up with not enough refrigerant to effectively cool the air. Contact an HVAC repair technician to locate the leaks and repair the holes in the lines. 


If you experience water leaking onto the floors, walls, or ceilings, you may be having a drainage problem. A/C units cool and dehumidify. The condensation needs to drain through a pipe outside. An HVAC expert might find a clogged condensation drain that is blocked. Have the drain line inspected and ensure that the condensation can drain freely. 


 If your AC compressor has difficulty starting up, stutters trying to turn on, and then shuts off, you probably have a capacitor gone bad? An HVAC expert will need to replace the capacitor.


Check outside to see if the compressor is free from plants. There should be at least two to three feet clearance between the compressor and the structure or plants.

Evaporator Coils

When a system runs for too long during the hot temperatures outside, your system can experience iced-over evaporator coils which can cause your unit to turn off abruptly. You will need a local HVAC tech to address the issue.


HVAC companies offer preventive maintenance programs. It can help you prevent costly repairs and keep your system up and running when you need it. It can help to maintain a longer life of system and protect your warranty. Plus you can receive discounts on repairs with a program.

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

If you have regular maintenance, your air conditioner should be able to be repaired. At some point, if you have too many service calls in a period of time or your system is not functioning properly and cooling your home, you should look at replacing it.

Considerations whether to replace your AC?

Assess these considerations when deciding to replace your AC:

  • Age – it is over 10 years old?
  • Unit – does it have frequent issues?
  • Energy bills – are they higher than average?
  • Comfortable – are you having problems keeping your home cooled?

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