Air Conditioner Repair Emergency

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Air Conditioner Repair Emergency: How to Know Your AC Isn’t Working

Loganville, GA, temperatures are in the mid-’70s to high 80’s for seven out of the twelve months. In the other months, you get to cool off. But in those hot months, it’s too uncomfortable for your air conditioner to blow warm air or simply refuse to turn on. Most of the time, it can be obvious your AC system has issues, but other times the signals can be hidden and call for a repair emergency.

Say you smell a stinky sulfur odor from your AC vents, or you turn on your air conditioning unit and hear loud rattling noises. In that case, it’s a good idea to have a professional repair technician come out and take a look. We can quickly diagnose the issue and provide you with a solution.

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When AC Problems Should Be Considered a Repair Emergency

An air conditioning emergency requires a quick response to fix the issue of your home’s cooling system. A complete HVAC breakdown can raise the temperatures and humidity levels to rise inside. This unbearable heat causes discomfort for everyone in the home and risks damage to the household.

When issues with cooling arise, knowing when you should call will give you peace of mind that you are taking the proper steps to remedy the problem.

Indicators That You Should Contact Emergency AC Services:

Poor Circulation or No Air Flow

An HVAC system that produces little or lacks cold air may not be a bad problem during the cold winter days. Clearly, a home without air conditioning can reach extreme temperatures during warmer periods. This becomes an even bigger emergency if any members of your household are elderly, infants, or otherwise sensitive to prolonged heat exposure.

When your AC looks and sounds like it’s running but isn’t pushing adequate cool air, the problem may just be an unchanged air filter. Those dirty filters can get clogged and prevent positive airflow. Air filters should be changed and, at the least, cleaned every few months- as the package for that brand of air filter directs.

Even though cleaning air filters won’t always fix the issue, you should keep up on maintenance. A lack of airflow during the hottest months should be considered a repair emergency. Call for an emergency AC repair technician right away to diagnose and repair your HVAC.

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Unpleasant Smell Repair Emergency

The colder air from a positively functioning HVAC system should not have any foul smell. Still, many homeowners report their chilled air smells unpleasant. This foul odor is typically a water accumulation in the drain lines and ducts within your AC unit. Have your system deep-cleaned by an expert technician to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Do you often sense a burning smell? That odor may be very serious and is most often caused by a dangerous overheating system. If there is an even worse smell flowing from your AC ducts and AC vents can be a more dangerous concern. Therefore, if you smell burning, turn off your AC system right to prevent the risk of fire. Call for a repair emergency on your AC as quickly as possible.

Suppose your home has a natural gas connection. In that case, you should call emergency repair services if you detect any kind of sulfurous, stinky skunk smell coming from your ducts or vents. This odor may be natural gas leaking into the HVAC system’s ductwork. That situation can be extremely dangerous and, in fact, deadly. Turn off your HVAC unit, evacuate your home, and contact your utility company for further advice.

Did you know unpleasantly sweet smells can also indicate a serious problem? Most refrigerant gasses used in AC systems have a rather sweet smell. The liquid refrigerant can leak in your system and contaminate your indoor air with gaseous fumes. These odors should also be considered an AC repair emergency because inhaling refrigerants can cause lung damage as well as some severe allergic reactions.

Electrical Issues Repair Emergency

Then there are problems with wiring and other electrical infrastructure that can also cause serious damage. So, if your AC is not working adequately, check the digital display on your thermostat for the indicated error code. You can then let your expert AC tech know what that error code is and schedule a repair.

Additionally, there is cause for concern if your HVAC system is merely working intermittently or will only function in certain settings.

Indeed, dangerous electrical issues can cause a total power outage signified by a blank display screen on your thermostat. When this happens, check the fuse box and circuit breakers. Simply replacing a burnt-out fuse or resetting your circuit breaker switches may be enough to fix the issue.

Then, if these steps don’t help, you probably have a more critical electrical problem.

We suggest calling a qualified repair emergency service technician as your safest option for any electrical issues with your AC. Certain electrical problems are simple and quick fixes. However, AC issues caused by damaged or improper installation of wiring can continue to be used once repaired. Don’t allow your AC to spark electrical fires and severe property damage.

Should you have more questions about air conditioning repair, emergency with a portion of your HVAC, or any maintenance needs, please call the experts at TRUST Heating & Air.

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You Might Need a New AC if These Apply

  • The system produces odd odors while running.
  • The AC blows warm or slightly cool air.
  • You hear loud noises when the system is on.
  • The air conditioner is not turning on.
  • AC is not reaching thermostat temperature.
  • Water leaking or pooling from the unit.

Typical Reasons for HVAC Malfunctions

Once you’ve determined your air conditioner is not running as it should, it’s crucial to understand where the issue truly lies. Anything from leaking refrigerants to faulty belts can lead to a broken AC system.

Do You HaveDirty Condenser Coils? For outdoor cooling units, the condenser coil helps to remove heat from the air and moves that heat to the outside. Then when coils are covered in dust and dirt, the filth blocks the air passage and prevents the coils from doing their job. This will cause your unit to work harder than it needs to. Then, if left unaddressed, this can lead to significant damage and high eclectic bills.

Is the Refrigerant Level Low? The refrigerant, also called the coolant, is a chemical used in AC systems that chills the hot air in your home. Systems with lower coolant levels will not cool the air as well as they should. In that case, leaks are most typically the primary reason for low levels of coolant. Not only are the refrigerant leaks damaging to the AC unit, but they can also be unhealthy for you and your family.

Experiencing Problems with Fan? In a standard AC unit, there are two fans – one fan pushes indoor air over evaporator coils, and another fan blows air past the outside condensing coils. Problems like faulty motors, worn-out belts, and more will cause the fans to stop functioning. At that point, it may lead to compressor failure. So now you know why it’s essential to get your AC fixed right away.

Repair Emergency: Contact a Professional as Soon as Possible

Clearly, it’s in your best interest not to try to fix these problems on your own unless you have the appropriate license for it. The typical homeowner that experiments with repairs might only cause further problems with the system or a more serious hazard to you and your household.

Hiring only a certified and licensed AC technician for emergency air conditioning repairs is vital. In addition, make sure to have your HVAC routinely maintained to prevent emergency problems and further damage. Contact TRUST Heating & Air today for all your AC repair emergencies and much-needed preventative maintenance.

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