5 Signs that Your AC Unit Has a Refrigerant Leak

During the summer, a properly working air conditioner unit is key for ensuring a comfortable temperature inside your living or working environment. This is often maintained by preventing cool air from leaking out or warm air from leaking in. Does it feel like your air conditioning unit is working harder than it should? Is your place not cooling off as it should be? This could the result of an AC refrigerant leak.

There are many possible signs that your unit has a leak. Whether it is water on the floor by your HVAC unit, ice forming on the evaporator coils, or even a hissing sound coming out of the system. Each of these can be indicative of a refrigerant leak.

Unlike the oil in your car, it is important to note that a reduction of refrigerant is not a normal part of the operation of your system. A properly running system circulates and maintains the same amount of refrigerant. Any loss of refrigerant can point to a leak. There are multiple signs that can indicate a refrigerant leak, all of which can be costing a lot of money in energy bills. Some of these signs include:

1. Hissing Sounds Coming From the AC Unit

This may seem like an unusual sign for a machine that regulates temperature. But a refrigerant leak is caused by holes or cracks in the coils that circulate refrigerant. A small crack or hole can cause a hissing sound as air and refrigerant pass through. The hiss can mean multiple other issues with an AC unit, however, refrigerant leaks are a common cause of them. If the leak grows in size, the sound may transition from a hissing sound to a gurgling sound.

2. Vents Not Blowing Cool Air

Check the air that is from coming from the vents. If the AC unit has a refrigerant leak, the air won’t be as cold as it should be.

3. Loss of Cooling Power

In the cooling process of the air in an AC unit, the refrigerant is crucial. The refrigerant absorbs the heat and then releases it outside. If the refrigerant levels are low, then the air conditioning unit is working harder and it takes longer to cool the area.

4. The AC Coils Are Frozen

Insufficient refrigerant levels circulating through the coils will not adequately absorb heat. This causes the condensation on the coils to freeze and then this may begin to melt and drip. Even though the ice on the system may not appear to be a serious issue, it can lead to breakdowns in the system and require expensive repairs. It is best to try and catch these issues before they get serious with preventative maintenance and proper monitoring.

5. Expensive Energy Bills

If you are running to the thermostat to compensate for the level of discomfort your air conditioning is causing you… it might seriously be costing you. You are using more electricity and your machine is working harder than it needs to be. Review your utility bill for any inconsistent usage levels and compare it to what it cost at this time last year. There are bound to be some fluctuation naturally, but you will be anything that stands out.

Call in the Experts

At Trust Heating and Air, we know what to look for in spotting a leak in refrigerant early on. This can help reduce the cost of any serious repairs before they are needed. Our experts are here to help your house be as comfortable as possible, your machine running efficiency, and your energy consumption as low as possible. If you feel like your machine is acting irregularly or your air is not as cool as it once was, give Trust Heating and Air a call and we can help you today!